Cookie Cups

 A mini cupcake pan, a roll of sugar cookie dough, a bag of caramels (soft ones), chocolate chips of your choice, and sea salt.
That's it! Truly!
Valentine's Day is THIS Friday..I know I'm out of time to shop (in person or online) for something for my husband (who is ridiculously hard to shop for anyway...) but I do know that I can make a super quick grocery store run to get all the things I need to make these little Cookie Cups. The old "the best way to a heart is through the stomach" thing...
I know, I know..the name is pretty generic...but Sugar Cookie cups with chocolate, caramel, and salt is a really long name.
Also, I'm already dreaming up different variations for this...maybe add some toasted pecans and make then Turtle Cups? Anyway...scroll to see the process, but it's super simple.
 Cast of Characters---slice up your tube of cookie dough (in as equal slices as you can, I think the label will tell you that 1/4 inch slices is the aim-either'll cut THOSE slices in half anyway) so roll up your little half slices into a ball (around 1T) and put into a very greased mini muffin pan (or you can also use mini muffin liners if ya fancy). Pop them in the oven on the setting the wrapper tells you..pretty sure mine was 375 degrees..
While they are getting settled and partially baked, chop up your caramels and open your bag of chocolates. NOW-1) I used dark chocolate 2)my second batch I upped to 3 chips (I mean, more chocolate is a good thing here). I'd encourage you not to use an entire piece of caramel (b/c it would be too much for the size of the cup)-I ended up cutting the caramels into thirds..but next time (Turtle Cups!) I'll likely just halve them...eyeball it..see what works for you.
Around 10 minutes check on them..see in the pic that the little edges are just starting to brown?
Take them out of the oven and use a teaspoon to divot the center, or just go ahead and put your caramel and chocolate in the centers (it will sink on its own). Give them a nice sprinkle of sea salt and put them back in the oven for around 10 more minutes.

Pull them out...drool while they cool (they really do need to cool for a good 20-30)...then pop them out of the pan!
I can't tell you how long they last..b/c ours were gone in 48 hours. They are such tasty little bits! The perfect little two bite (or just judgement here) cookie. Super easy since it's a premade little cookie twist!

If you decide to make it and change it up-let me know!!
I'm sold on the Turtle idea...also thinking white chocolate with caramel and pretzel would be tasty...maybe milk chocolate with caramel and peanuts. WHAT?!