So about 2016

Kind of skipped blogging altogether in 2016 now didn't I?

Where in entertainment deaths I'd like to forget ALL about 2016...overall it was a pretty interesting year in the life of the Suze.

Let's back up a little into 2015 mmk? So November 2015 I had surgery. Tubal Reversal surgery b/c despite the fact that I had my tubes "tied" back in 2010...we all felt like something/someone(s) was missing. The surgery was a roaring success and I was very barely pregnant by Feb 2016 when we headed to our third Disney way of San Juan! I didn't have confirmation of that until we got back from the cruise...but kind of had that "mama sense" about it.

We had another litter of gigantic Irish Wolfhound puppies in April, always an exciting and fun time to get to see those guys develop and grow (so quickly!).

I'll detail out  more of the pregnancy story later, but it didn't go quite as my previous ones had. Around 15 weeks I got this pesky little rashes on my hips. So I went to a primary care (who had no answer) and asked my OB about it. The OB du jour is married to a dermatologist, so he took pics of said rashes and sent them to his wifey poo, who wanted to see me about them. Over that weekend the rashes went from small and pesky to covering 70% of my body in thousands of fire hot tiny blisters..and I was in misery!
Cliff notes version (for now) is that I got diagnosed with a super rare (1 in 50k) pregnant woman only auto immune disease and smacked with a HIGH dose of steroids to keep the super scary rash at bay.

My moderate/normal pregnancy weight gain at that point jumped dramatically (thanks steroids) as did my risk factors since the steriods/auto immune disease can lead to pre mature delivery..of which I was already getting weekly shot of Progesterone to KEEP me pregnant since kid #2 was a 35 week delivery.

It was a long, hot, itchy, summer. I tried to power through the not esp difficult, but just exceedingly uncomfortable pregnancy. I kept the thought in my head of "as long as this little boy is ok" (ps, totally a boy baby). That was my goal. That was my safe thought. That was where my mind retreated millions of times a day, my safe harbor.

September 17, 5 weeks before my due date, hours after I'd had my shot, and a day after I'd spent the afternoon in the hospital for observation (crying b/c I was so done at that point)-my water broke and our 3rd child made his long awaited debut! Totally healthy, totally tiny.

And now 3 months later? We're trying to get HIM to gain weight..while I'm freaking out that my previous 46lb weight loss goal has jumped to a 70-80lb goal. Yikes. Pregnancy+Steroids, didn't do my body good.

I started tracking meals and measurements in a cute little copper and aqua notebook on 11/29/16...and by 12/29 when I rechecked my measurements..despite being almost exclusively low carb (with the exception of holiday meals)-I had GAINED a lb...but had lost like 6 inches over all.

A coworker of mine (while I was out on maternity leave) started a nutrition program and by the time I got back was looking amazing...and another friend of mine (same program) had made astonishing I'm jumping on the bandwagon and seeing if I can have the same results!  It's one of those shake/shake/meal programs, but super clean and it's ok for me to do while I'm breastfeeding the little guy and trying to get him to bulk up..while I (hopefully) slim down!

I'm planning more posts on the auto immune suck fest, keeping up with my food tracking/new nutrition program, and general daily fun stuff!

Ready or not, here comes 2017!!