City Slicker Pear Butter

Conversating with a friend the other day went like this-
He said: I'm canning salsa that is totally from my own garden.
I said: I made pear butter the other day in the crock pot...
He said: But did you grow the pears?
I said: No, bought them..what's your point?
He said: Then you can't take credit for it. It's City Slicker Pear Butter. It doesn't count.

"It doesn't count"...well that's where he's wrong (he's also a colossal ass btw). B/c this butter counts, it counts big time! And it's all crockpotted and super simple! is the pitiful backstory on the pears. I'm on this diet right? And we go to the store and I see these pears, and I buy said pears, to get home and look at my approved foods list..and 'no pears'. What tha? I had to do something with them.
So I scanned through some recipes, and when I didn't find one that fit my needs..I just made my own.
The reason pears aren't on my food list..they are sweet. Like super sweet. So I didn't want to add any more sugar.
I also didn't have an extra hour or so to stand in front of the stove stirring.

This is going to be more of a 'walk through' recipe. Less 1 cup of this, 2 tsp of that..more 'these are the things I did'-
Crock pot? check
Pears? a bag of em'..approx 8-12. peeled, cored, and chopped up into pretty little pieces
Pears into the crock!
3 heavy squirts of local honey (approx 3 tablespoons)
liberal sprinkle of powdered ginger (approx 1 tablespoon)
slight sprinkle of powdered cinnamon (approx 1 teaspoon)
Lid on the crock. Crock on low.
How low can you go?
I kid...
I let mine go a long time. For reals. I put the stuff in the crock before Husband got home from work (about 5pm-ish) and didn't mess with it again until the next afternoon.
My crocks longest time setting is 10 hours, then after that it will 'warm' for like I just let it go. And when the 'warm' kicked off. I let it sit to cool off.
I had a crock full of wonderful smelling pear stew..but I wanted it 'butter'. So once it was cooled more..I ran it through the food processor (you can use a blender as well).
Then I packed it up in jars. My batch made almost 2 quarts of Pear Butter. Not overly sweet, slightly spiced (from the ginger), great deliciousness.
Now...I can't really eat it..but the kids dig it. It's got more of a applesauce that's what I sub it for. If I really wanted it traditional 'butter' I could have cooked down the pureed mix for another few hours.
Whether you grow it or can still be homemade..and delicious. :)