Cook at Home

I don't have a fancy recipe for this. It's a steak and some shrimp.
It wasn't anything complicated.
It hit the spot for a good steak meal.
What I want to share with you is budget related.
You know it's cheaper to cook at home. I don't think that is news to you.
I let the steak hang out in the seasoning for about a half hour, I thawed the shrimp and even though they were precooked I put them on the grill after I took off the steaks to let them rest, then I tossed them in some butter.

Let me break down last nights dinner for you-
Beef tenderloin (there were actually two of those steaks/4 filets) $26
Packet of steak seasoning (Black Peppercorn)- 86 cents
Bag of precooked shrimp that I only used about a 1/4 of-9 $8.99 for the WHOLE bag
1/4 stick of butter out of a lb package that I snagged at 1.99 (about 12 cents worth of butter)
Oh, and not pictured the GIGANTIC twice baked stuffed potatoes that my husband bought, EACH one was 12oz. 1.99 each, let's say we used a whole one although we literally only used about 3/4s of a whole one.

I have leftovers (of the steak and potatoes) out the wazzoo. Plenty for leftovers tomorrow night.

So what is that, I'm not the best at math, but I'll try-
for all 4 of us. Granted Little Miss and Little Man didn't each as much as we did..oh wait! We still have a steak leftover! Make that $18.21!

Now..I know how much I love food. And I know that really, food tastes better when someone else makes it. BUT when it comes to saving a buck..make it at home. You are going to spend more than just the cost of a steak. You've got gas to get there. You've got tip afterwards. You've got drinks and appetizers that sing a siren's song to your heart. I know it all tastes good and you need the experience now and then...but it can be done at home too. It can be EASILY done and frugal.

And when you pass out into your food coma afterwards, you can be on your own couch or in your own bed, instead of driving home!


Unknown said…
I agree. People i dont think break down how MUCH cooking at home saves