If avocado is wrong..

I don't want to be right.

Do we see a trend here folks? That's 3 avocado recipes in a row. I wish I could tell you that while I am not blogging I'm coming up with all sorts of new and delicious foods. Well, I am..sort of. I'm not posting alot because we're watching what we're eating and most of our meals consist of ground turkey and beans. Husband is hooked on it. And that's all it is really..ground turkey, browned, then add a can of rinsed black beans. Sometimes I'll put taco seasoning in it, sometimes ranch powder, but that's about it.
The other night when I made it, I used taco seasoning...then made up a rough salsa (onion, tomato, red peppers, and avocado) then ate it on TOP of a whole avocado..salted liberally. And it was all sorts of amazing and delicious.