Apology to Avocado...

Dear Avocado,

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that for years I blamed the fact that I had a bird (a sun conure) living with me that you could potentially kill on my aversion to you. If we are being honest with one another, it was your ugly exterior and your terribly green interior that put me off. I just didn't understand.
Well the bird has gone (he's not dead, just relocated b/c he hates my children) and I had no excuse. So I took the easy way into you...guacamole. And Holy Moly..it changed me. And now...now I can't get enough.
I find any and every excuse to incorporate you into my meals.
And you make my world a better place.

All my Love,

This morning...my breakfast was simple and one of the best ones I've had in a long time.
Toast two pieces of bread then lightly butter (b/c you can't have toast w/out butter, it's a rule)
Top w/1/2 of an avocado mashed together with 1/4 of a chopped onion and some salt
Top that with an egg (2 pieces of toast, 2 eggs...)...I fried one hard and the other softer...go softer...something happens with that creamy avocado meets with the runny yolk..something amazing!