Won Ton Tacos

Here's the thing. I'm different. Had you not figured that out by now? This whole 'trying to lose weight' thing ( for what, two years now eh?) gets the better of me and I fight with it constantly. But I found a recent comparison, that I'd like to share with you...and I promise it ties back into the weight loss thing. I've been wanting to try Zumba, so Husband finally gave in and got me a DVD (just one mind you, not the entire set *eye roll*) and I tried it, and I love it...but...not being of latin decent..my hips don't 'do' that. So I have to just do the best I can. These won ton tacos, kinda like me doing Zumba....they are trying to me mexican/latin (food), but they have to do it their own way. And just wait until you try them, you'll see that their way, it's ok. In fact, it's pretty awesome!

And it's easy b/c basically I'm just giving you a hint on how to make a different taco, I saw it somewhere/sometime and I'm finally getting around to it, so I unfortunately I can't link it back to the originator...but let me tell you one MORE thing before I get to the 'recipe'....won ton wrappers, seriously AMAZING all the things you can do with them.

So...turn your oven on 350 and get out your cupcake pan, muffin tin, or cup-tin (as I call it, hence my blog title in case you were ever wondering...there I am again doing things my own way)-and take the won ton wrappers and you're gonna take one and push it into the cup of the pan-(you can spray the pan with nonstick spray, but I didn't and they were fine)-now pop those little babies into the oven. But keep an eye on them, I'm gonna guess about 15 minutes or so,but you want them brown all over...not burnt brown, just brown...the point is for the whole little cup to be crispy.
See, easy. From here you can make your tacos however you want to! I've found the way we like our taco meat is 1lb of ground beef to 2 packets (Yes, two) of taco seasoning (one regular/low sodium, one cheesy taco-in the seasoning aisle at the market) you generally add some milk and water to the seasonings/meat and let it perk for awhile, then it's awesome.
Ours? Meat, lettuce, onions, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and black olives-for Husband and the kids...none for me thanks.

The crunch on these is amazing, and it's just a different way to do things. Very easily an appetizer for an upcoming SuperBowl party, or just a week night dinner.



Unknown said…
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Katherine said…
Those look delicious. My husband and I like different toppings on our tacos, and I imagine when we have kids it will be even more of the same. I love the little wonton wrappers as taco shells too- how cute are they? I've never cooked with wonton wrappers at all.