Linguine Carbonara

Please forgive me for the low quality of this picture...I realized as I was shoveling this down my gullet that if I didn't take a picture, there wouldn't BE a picture. So I snapped, then resumed shoveling.
My appetite has been 'meh' lately. Nothing sounds good. Nothing tastes really good. Even my favorite restaurant failed to whelm the last time I went. So when the husband said he wanted Carbonara, I wasn't in a rush to make it.
Then I did. It was like a giant hug on a plate, it was the most comforting pile on a styrofoam plate that there has ever been. It was amazing.

Linguine Carbonara (adapted from Anne Burrell)

1 box of linguine-cook in heavily salted water
1lb of thick sliced bacon, cut into approx 1 inch pieces
3/4 cup grated parm
4 eggs-room temperature.
1 teaspoon ground black pepper

Boil your pasta until it's almost done. Al dente is what they call it. I call it-take a piece out, bite it and if it still feels a tiny bit not done it's where you want it.
In a big sauce pan cook your bacon, and as it gets done, pull it out so it doesn't burn.
In a big bowl mix together your parm, eggs, and pepper. You want it to look very no random darker bits of errant yolk. It should be thickish, not quite as thick as pudding.
Leave the really. Leave put the pasta in the grease, and pour your egg/cheese mix over it...toss, toss, toss, toss. What's happening is that your hot pasta and grease are slowing cooking the eggs-this is good. If it still looks really wet, DON"T turn the heat back on-just put a lid on it and give it a minute or so. Then...toss the bacon pieces back in. You don't want it to look like scrambled eggs, it will just look like a cream sauce when it's done.
Then inhale....try to remember to chew.

A little note on this...when I say parm..I don't mean the stuff in the green shaker bottle. You need the real deal for this. So either buy it pre-grated (I know at our grocery it's by the bleu cheese/cream cheese)-or buy a hunk and grate it yourself.