Quick pictureless post..

Just wanted to check in with you guys to assure you I'll be around soon with some really yummy recipes!
We recently took a family trip to IN (where my family is from)-20 hours total with the two kids was a bit exhausting. Then back in MO where I run our rental business we've had some goings..so I'm trying to get new people app'd up and moved in..blah blah.
New things-
Awesome camera (I think I already touched on that)
New flat screen tv for the bedroom
New puppy-whoa what? Yes...Husband finally caved and we got one..she'll get her own post with pictures soon. :)

Not so fond farewells-
My hair girl who was also a tenant who completely screwed us over and trashed the place, bailed on lease, rent, friendship, and *sob* my hair.
Our 52 inch projection screen and wait for it.....Dish network. I'm still adjusting to NOT having Food Network and *sobs* DVR. However we've got the new tv and Netflix through the Wii. Honestly I'm so tv obsessed that it might be healthy for me to take a break for awhile. No..it will be..I'm just not so happy with it right now.

Since I am 'good' tv-less, Yo Gabba Gabba is keeping the kid's attention, and the pup is sleeping..I'm gonna tackle this house. Maybe since I won't have the giant tv distracting me I'll be able to keep a clean house? And um, that was one of the Husband agreements on getting the pup..that I'd work harder on the house. B/c evidently I don't work hard enough cooking and taking care of the kids...*snickers*

I'll be back soon with food..I promise!


How dare that hair girl! ANOTHER REASON WE NEED to be neighbors, I went to beauty school! I could so hook you up! LOL No DVR? I can't live with out Giada and all my other friends on the cooking channel! I DVR all and then when I have down time (like 1 night or day a week I catch up) and I do not know how I lived before that! What kind of puppy? Can you tell I have missed me some Suz time!! LOL