Meet Cotton

Remember when my heart got broken back in March? You'd think I would have recovered by now. But my heart still ached for that silly dog. And even though we had 4 dogs already that keep me busy. 2 cats that keep me busy. 2 human kids that keep me busy. My heart was just NOT happy. And despite the fact that we did not NEED another pet/baby...It wasn't a phase or a random thought I could get to go away...

...Husband finally realized the reason I'd been so down WAS indeed dog related. So I'm pleased to introduce you to Cotton!

 She's my new little Labrador love. Please ignore the no make up and my freakishly large hands (I'd like to blame the angle of the shot, but my hands are kinda wide). We got her on Saturday and she's 7 weeks old. It's been 7 years since I had a puppy..I've forgotten how small they are, how sharp those teeth are, how much potty training sucks...but I'm remembering the love, that delicious puppy breath, that soft belly skin. We're so glad to have her, and I can't wait to watch our new puppy-baby grow up with our human-babies!
                                                       Lots of kisses
                                                     Lots of cuddling
In general lots of just 'almost makes you want to puke' cuteness. I can't stand it.


sweetybird09 said…
Oh now that is so adorable, I sure do remember my golden retrievers when they were babies, they have been gone now for sooooo long, and I am just happy as a clam to have my big black cat named Diesel, he is very

Glad Cotton has a good home.
Awww so cute! I miss when mine were puppies! I love puppy breath! I just don't miss potty training and breaking the chewing habbits!!
that is a disgusting amount of cute. It makes me sick, and I LOVE IT!!!
oh she's so lovely when she's sleeping.
Ivy said…
Awe, what cuites! Your babes and pup.