Half a hog

We recently purchased half a hog. I'll just let that soak in for people who might think it's strange...
It was Husband's idea, and admittedly not a 'bad' one. Other than the fact that I have NO room for anything else in my freezer right now. It's full of 23lbs of sausage, 15lbs of bacon, ribs, tenderloins, ham roasts, and pork fish (wth right? I have no clue either).
This weekend when we were trying to figure out what to eat, we both concluded that it should probably be pork.

True right? Well..unless you are adverse to pork, which we aren't.
The 3 ham roasts take up the most space in the freezer, so I decided to take one on. However, even though I love ham..I'm not very experienced with it. Deli ham, Christmas/Easter ham, Granny's ham salad (which isn't even ham, it's bologna)..I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. So I called up my Dad and he told me to just cook it like a roast, b/c it IS a roast. And I found out he was right. It was a Sunday ham dinner, and it was good, really good!

Maple and BBQ Roast Ham
3-4lb ham (ours had 2 bones, fat, and skin on it-but just helped with the flavor)
granulated garlic
black pepper
bbq sauce*
maple syrup*
cajun seasoning

Oven on 375 (to start) and my ham was still partially frozen.
I put some garlic and pepper in the bottom of my roasting pan (the only pan I had that was big enough). Put in the ham and added more garlic and pepper to the top of it. Then added about 4 cups of cool water. Topped it with aluminum and put it in.
And I waited about 3 hours.
Up the heat to 425
I removed it and added 1 cup of maple syrup* and 1/2 cup bbq sauce*, covered the foil back and put it back in.
1 hour later I removed it again, removed the foil, and added another cup (the rest of my) syrup and a good shake of cajun seasoning.
This time when it went back in the oven, I left the foil off. I also 'basted' it with it's own juices about ever 15-20. Gave it another 45 minutes in there, then took it out to rest.
Let it rest up and cool-
Remove the skin/excess fat/bones (the dogs were happy that night!). Slice/shred the meat.
Oh..also right before I upped the temp I added in about 8 medium russet potatoes (peeled and halved).

Now this is just the way I did it. You can flavor this however you want. I saw a recipe for a peanut butter glaze. Pineapple is a classic pairing. Honey mustard would be awesome I think.

Pig is a blank canvas...and we are the painters.

*the syrup and bbq sauce I used were both homemade. I'm sure that 2 cups of maple syrup sounds extreme-but when it's the kind you make from sugar, water, and maple flavoring, it's not as intense as the real stuff. Also my bbq sauce..again homeade, VERY thin...so if you use a bottled kind, you might take a bit of the broth and thin it out a little. Or not and have a more intense bbq/maple taste.

And just WAIT until you see what I did with the leftovers!


Sunset97 said…
yummmm...!! i am a BBQ kind of gal...and i love pork....

oh i wish we had half a hog in the freezer....!! that really was a good idea from your hubby....!!

Enjoy!! :)
Anonymous said…

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