Brazilian Lemonade

                   SO refreshing...such is a vanity shot...and yes that is a HUGE lime.
But this-
 Yeah..that's how most of my drinks end up. In my cup with my tastes the same whatever it's in..but this glass is WAY more practical for me!
Hubby and I LOVE Fogo De Chao it's up there as probably the #1 fancy restaurant right's a Brazilian place and they have this amazing lemonade. Thing is's not 'lemon''s lime. I love it so much that I really don't care what they call long as they keep making it. And now thanks to a new blog I found -I can make it at home!

Brazilian Lemonade
1 lime, cut into eight pieces
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk
1 cup of ice
1 cup of water
3/4 cup of lemon-lime beverage

Take your first 5 ingredients, put them in a blender and blend ( I got until I can't hear any ice)-then strain the mixture into a measuring cup to remove the rind.
Now the original recipe says this is a two serving deal..I'm calling mine a one serving!
Pour 3/4 cup of lemon-lime beverage (*cough*Sprite*cough*) into a glass, add about 4 cubes of ice and pour over the 'mix'..give it a mix with a spoon...and take a long, smooth, drink of summery bliss.

Oh..and check out my little helper's new cooking-wear! (get wear..since she's wearing it?)


1. That looks delicious, even though I don't really drink.

2. What a cutie pie helper you have there!!

3. True Blood is back!!!! Did you watch last night? I'll have True Blood Tuesday tomorrow. Dang, there were some twists and turns in the season premiere!!
that sounds like heaven in a cup. i'm most def going to make it.

Ok, so the lime I to understand that you put the entire lime in the blender (I know it is cut into bits...but really...the rind and everything?). If I'm reading that correctly, is there a reason not to just cut it away before blending it since you have to strain it out?

I'm just asking a million questions because if there's a way to screw this up, I'm the one who will do it! And it sounds so yummy that if I make it and then it tastes bad, i might cry. like, seriously.
Hi Suzanne! I just found your site and love your Brazilian lemonade! Looks amazing and I can't wait to try it! Thanks, :)
Mmm...that recipe sounds so good! I'll have to try it soon!
I think a shot or two of vodka could finish this off nicely! Or drink it while snacking on drunk gummie bears!
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