Veggie pizza, but not what you are thinking...

If you are wearing socks, you might want to slip them off before this recipe KNOCKS them off....

What? This isn't what you think of when you think of veggie pizza?'re does just look like your ordinary run of the mill thin crust Buffalo chicken pizza.
Oh, but it's not. It's a life preserver for all of us low-carbers out there! You see I stumbled upon this website a few weeks ago...and she had posted a Cauliflower pizza crust. Hrm....And um...Husband couldn't even tell. Honestly..if I hadn't have been the one that physically MADE the pizza...I wouldn't have known either. You can go to the linked site above for her original recipes..and you should b/c she rocks! The possibilities are ENDLESS! This is a prebaked pizza crust. So you make it up, bake it up, then top it with whatever, then just bake it until it's warm and bubbly. I'm soon going to try to make up a few of these bad boys to keep in my freezer! I made the crust in the morning, then the pizza for dinner. So not only is this basically carb free and healthy (depending on the toppings of course)'s super quick once it's baked. It's the PERFECT way to sneak veggies in on your non-veggie eating kids/spouse/family!
Cauliflower Crust for Pizza (adapted from here)
1 steamer bag of cauliflower (from the freezer section)
1/2 cup sharp cheddar shredded*
1 egg, beaten
Oven on at 450-
Follow the instructions on the bag to steam the cauliflower. Remove from bag to strainer/collander (whatever you might call it), let cool. No really..b/c when it comes out of the steamer bag it is H-O-T!
Cooled off? Ok...get a clean kitchen towel and put the cauliflower in it, and now squeeze it with all of your might (over the sink preferably). Think it's all dry now?
Squeeze it again! Ok...see there was more liquid than you thought! Move the squeezed cauli into your food processor and chop it up!
Take it out into a new dry kitchen towel and squeeze it again!! You want this stuff very dry!
Alright..into a bowl add your egg, your cheese, and your cauliflower. Mix it together.
Now..time to get a little messy. On a lined and greased baking sheet (parchment would have been AWESOME here but I was out-but would be best b/c mine stuck to the aluminum even though I greased it up) plop your mix down into the center.  You can either put a tiny bit of water on your fingers or oil but work it into a circle (or whatever pizza shape you prefer). I was able to get mine into about a 10 inch circle.
Now into the oven. This bad boy needs to go until it's golden brown. I left mine in there a good 30-40 minutes.
Once it's cooked it should be fairly firm, crispy edges. You can let it just hang out while you prepare your toppings. Mine were chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, some ranch mixed with bleu cheese, chopped onions, and pepperjack cheese.
It cuts up and eats just like regular pizza...but you won't have the regular heavy gut afterwards...or guilt!

*use your imagination with this. If you are going for a traditional pizza instead of cheddar you might want to use provolone or parm!


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