The magic veggie

I'm talking about zucchini (which I'm always worried I spell wrong, btw). It might just be one of my FAVORITE veggies ever. So versatile, so pretty and green. I love you zucchini! No really...I ate two of them yesterday. Pre-marriage the ONLY time I had zucchini was in bread...and really the ONLY other veggies consumed in the maiden house were potatoes, corn and green beans. After I got married I became more accquainted with the magic veggie. My Mother in Law (who doesn't cook unless she HAS to) makes this dish that is zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and hamburger's really good. And it really got me hooked on zucchini!
Yesterday's food:

 Zuc #1-zucchini and sausage coins with ranch dressing
1 smallish zuc cut into rounds and sauteed up with jalepeno/cheese sausage rounds -the sausage makes the fat, the fat cooks the zucchini
 Zuc #2 zucchini noodles topped with spaghetti sauce
1 smallish zucchini cut into ribbons on the mandoline slicer with the julienne blade. Then sauteed with a pat of butter..then topped with spaghetti sauce and parm.
While the rest of the family gorged themselves on the above-Husband's birthday dinner..spaghetti, homemade rolls, salad, green beans (I did eat a salad and green beans)..I had a dinner of basically NO carbohydrates. Yay me! (and down another lb on the scale this morning as well!)
I pinched off a tiny (literally) piece of the rolls I made, and had a sliver (literally) of Husband's birthday brownies (that I'll post soon!)...but other than white starchey carbs for me. And it didn't really bug me. Which is weird..and cool at the same time!


sweetybird09 said…
I love zucchini too!

Good for u on the weight, I too have lost 4 lbs in the past 10 days, it gets easier to do it once you stop all the sugar...