Ouch, really. Being a stay at home mom-not easy, we've covered that. But I think the HARDEST part is knowing I'm not contributing financially..at all. So when an opportunity comes highly recommended to me, I jump at it. And I understand that these online 'ways to make money' have a TON of applications, I do. I know that this blog is mainly viewed by family, friends, and an awesome handful of other bloggers that have been with me since I started (3 years ago). But in the email I got declining my blog (with good reason, not alot of traffic here)-the FIRST thing listed was "blog is suspected as fake". Fake? Wow. Ow. I'm hoping that it was just an automated response/kiss off note that all blogs w/out sufficient traffic get, but fake? I emailed the 'support' link for the website and told them I understood why I wasn't chosen, but asked them to please consider changing their word usage to something less hurtful.

 Today is day 10 of the Atkin's. Whew...I did really well the first eh...8 days. I even make a chocolate cake w/chocolate frosting (boxed mind you) for Husband last week and didn't eat a bite...THAT is willpower! But when Sunday evening rolled around..I really wanted the pancakes that Husband made for himself and the littles instead of JUST my eggs and bacon. I had to have something sweet....this sweet tooth, I tell ya! Luckily whipped cream/whipped topping (as long as you don't eat the entire tub) is ok. So-whipped topping + 1tbl melted peanut butter + gentle squirt of sugar free chocolate syrup...cured the craving! And in 10 days I've had a very moderate loss of 5lbs...but that's still 5lbs gone! I'm gonna keep at it, and we'll see if that number on the scale goes down some more for me!
When whipped topping doesn't cut it.....pure SUGAR from my Little Man...well it fixes ALOT of things.


sweetybird09 said…
Oh I can so understand the sugar thing, as I am a diabetic and I LOVE anything sweet...but have been really lax, that was until last week and the dr said I my numbers were creeping up so I cut down like you but yesterday I did eat 5 malt balls I could not help it, I have lost 4 lbs, so we can do it just take it one day at a time...