Sometimes (more often than not) motherhood is NOT pretty (example above of no makeup/greasy ponytailed hair). I don't want to bust the bubble of anyone who has all these grand, wonderful, ideals of motherhood...b/c some of it is...but there are days *sigh*....there are dark days. There are days when you question yourself at every turn. There are days when you CAN'T do it yourself. There are days when you'll fight against a teething baby, and they'll fight against you...until they collapse against the sound of your heartbeat and surrender. You haven't won, this is not a victory. It's just a quiet reminder that you are the BEST thing in that baby's world. It's just hard to see it all the time.


Oh man. I hear you 100% on this one. I remember when Darah cut her molars. It was mind-altering with its awfulness.

We are currently experiencing the onset of the whine and the tantrum. They hang out together like BFFS and make an appearance an average of 22 times each day. Wish I was kidding. I know Darah needs my patience and unconditional love now more than ever, but it can be really tough to give it sometimes.
Amen sista! Yep, motherhood is hard, in fact, the hardest thing i have ever done but it is almost the most satisfying and best thing i have ever done. Hang in there, i know grant is not much older but it gets better and better!