Whey, no way, yes whey!

 So yeah, the title reminds me of Wayne's World...only one of the BEST movies ever. But did I ever thing that the string of repetitive dialogue would take on a greater meaning for me? Nope. But it kinda has. You see...I'm a sheep. I go for the fads-not fashion fads mind you, but weight loss fads. Ha, but um not EXERCISE weight loss fads b/c that might actually work. Hrmm..I've looked into about EVERY diet out there at some point. I've never battled with a diagnosed eating disorder (I'm not a fan of not eating OR puking)-but I do think I have an eating disorder..and that being..I'm obsessed with food and since marriage have developed a TERRIBLE sweet tooth. Just being honest. So I've tried EVERY diet out there...for about a week. Weight Watchers, Slim 4 Life, South Beach, Atkins, Hcg, fiber pills...no really. There have been at least 2 attempts at each one..that have lasted about a week. I'm really good at diets...for a week. You see, I just don't get why after a week of faithful attempt that the scale can't reflect that. A week to me should equal at LEAST 20lbs. But the scale doesn't think so.
The latest checkout magazine touted "Lose 43lbs by Memorial Day"..and I was hooked. I grabbed it up and paid my $2.02 happily, rushed out the car and found that Whey protein powder (along with walking and soul searching) was the answer. So what did I do? I went out and bought the powder. Fad follower...right here.
Do I think it will solve my weight problem? Probably not...but do I hope it will help...YES, otherwise I wouldn't be trying it.
I can see the logic...protein keeps you fuller and if you drink a couple protein shakes daily at less calories, you'll be less likely to eat MORE calories and in the end they say it's all about cutting calories (and exercise..boo). So eat less calories that make you feel more full. Simple enough. I've been drinking the 'shakes' since Saturday and I can tell you that I am fuller. Have I lost any weight...meh..a measly .4 from last week. BUT again...if I pay attention to it..I do feel more full. I'm also not eating alot of carbs...and I'm gonna start walking....
I'll keep you all posted on if the whey DOES make a difference...stay tuned!


Hey that would be so WHEY cool if it did work. Go for it! The walking should really help both the weight and make you feel better period. I know I feel blah on the days I don't get a walk in! XO
Angelica said…
The kind of protein shake you drink is extremely important. You can't just stick with the ones at walmart, or the premixed ones and expect results. Those do not have much protein in them at all. I have tried all different kinds to get ready for my wedding in June, and I have finally found that you need to have a shake with at least 20g of protein per serving. There is a formula for how much protein you should have a day to lose weight, and it's extremely high.
Heather C said…
I was totally laughing at the Wayne's World comment! I like vanilla whey in my oatmeal. Kinda makes it creamy and then gives all that fiber some punch to make it last even longer.

On another note, I am going to out myself a bit here, I had eating issues in college - 600 calorie a day diet and throwing up any excess. I did therapy and quit the disordered eating but still had an unhealthy relationship with food and was a size 16. The thing that finally worked for me was giving up any and all diets because those just make me want the things I can't eat more and instead listening to my body. So, if I want pizza, I eat pizza. If I want a brownie, I eat a brownie. No guilt and the thing that changed is because these things aren't forbidden, I can eat one piece and be fine and I find don't want them all that much. Since changing that, I have been the same weight for the past 13 years (except when pregnant) and I don't feel like such a slave to food.

*sorry this is so long.