Becoming SAHM...

In late July of last year I quit my job to stay home full time with my kids. I quit. The husband and I talked about it, weighed our options, prayed, and the decision was made...I quit.
I'd love to sit here and tell you that staying at home is EVERYTHING I ever dreamed about. That everday is sunshine, kisses, and joyful merriment. But I'd be lying to you. And you deserve better than that.
I've had some sort of job since I was about 13 or 14. I was called upon early by friends of the family to babysit. We had friends that owned a carnival and I did that for money under the table in the summertime (yes, I was a carnie, no I didn't smell like cabbage). Then to save money for a class ring I started working at the local burger place in town. When they closed for the season I got a job at a big blue store that starts with a W and I worked there through high school, I graduated early and jumped into community college (which I REALLY wish people wouldn't make fun of b/c I thought it was great)-and into ANOTHER job at a Dr's office, did the office (40 hours a week) AND a waitressing gig (20 hours a week) for awhile towards the end of college. This among dating and 'trying' to be a normal 20 something. Reconnected with a Boy and the day after I graduated college he proposed. Marriage, and a job change to working at a University, then another job change to working for a Judge at the local Courthouse. Work.Work.Work.Work. But what else was there for me to do?
So here we are....9 months into my new job of staying at home full time with my two kids. I love my children. I love being with them and seeing them grow...daily, and right before my eyes. But I miss my old 'job'. I miss the daily buzz of coworkers/friends...speaking with adults. I miss being verbally appreciated. Here at home-Husband does a pretty good job of "great dinner" or "the house looks good"-but I used to be the go-to. Have a question about my asked me..b/c I KNEW the answer. And no matter how long you've been a'll never know all the what?
I don't get thanked for changing Little Man's diapers...but he has yet to piss on I guess that is thanks enough.
I don't get thanked for making sure Miss Priss has clean clothes to wear to dance class...but she loves to I guess that is thanks enough.

But is 'thanks enough'..enough?
Sometimes...but not always.
Something that helps? Knowing there are other Moms out the same SAHM worries/ is an awesome post along the same lines. and ps..I love this blogger..I think she is amazing!

This might very well be just a part of a Becoming SAHM series. Thoughts?


I think it's fantastic you are staying home with your kids. That is one decision I know you'll never regret. How could you when it means watching your kids grow up you know??

I was fortunate enough to stay home with my son for the first year of his life. After that though I was ready to work. I got too couped up!
Heather C said…
I hear ya about the SAHM thing. I quit working when my oldest was born, 11 years ago and at first, it was a huge adjustment. I found myself wanting to tell new people who I met what I used to do in the working world because that seemed so much cooler than being a SAHM plus that was part of my old identity and something I was proud of. I will never forget meeting up with some former co-workers, who were in the town I had moved to on business, about 6 months after my son was born and one woman said to me, "so, you are just a housewife now?" and it really bugged me.

Anyway, it takes some adjusting to that is for sure but I am so glad now that my kids are 11 and 9 that I have been here every step of the way and my husband swears that his career could not be what it is if we were both working full time and both trying to tackle the at home stuff. It is thankless at times but when I see the people my children are becoming I feel like I did have some hand in that and that makes it seem worthwhile.
I struggle a lot with this. I choose to stay home, but I miss having a career, I miss making money, going to work, I miss business trips, business lunches and business cards.

I feel so fortunate that I can stay home with my children but I struggle with it.