2 potatoes and a dozen eggs

2 turn tables and a microphone..I don't know that song, but the blog title reminds me of it...more on that from last night's dinner in a minute.

 Me...this morning..technically my 3rd cup of coffee, but only the 2nd one I got to drink since Miss Priss decided she HAD to have a cup, and I was too lazy to get up and make her her own decaf. So yes...she had a cup of coffee...no she didn't drink it all. If it wouldn't completely kill my stomach I'd drink another 3 cups. Instead I'm gonna have some water. And pretend it's got caffeine in it. 2 kids that sleep with you, 1 phone call at 4am, 350 little reasons why it would be a great day to just go back to bed...but there are 2 beautiful children, 1 gorgeous spring day, and we're gonna find 350 little reasons that today is a GREAT day...even if it means counting single blades of grass.
Onto the food!!
I rocked last night's dinner. Just sayin'. I did not 1, but 2 different quiches, a side, and a loaf of bread. Rocked it.
The quiche...potato crust. Seriously. I don't think (unless I have a store bought one in the freezer) that I'll ever do one the 'normal' way again.
I used my mandolin to cut two potatoes really thin...like potato chip thin...then you line a greased pie plate with them, overlapping a bit, and bake it off for 10 minutes in a 375 degree oven. Meanwhile, I carmelized some onions, browned some mushrooms, whisked some eggs (6 per quiche), wilted some spinach, and cut up some roasted red peppers.
Quiche 1 (on the left)
layer this way-
on top of potatoes go 1/2 the onions, then the spinach, then the eggs (6, whisked with a 1/2 cup of half and half), then 1/2 cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Into the oven for about 45 or until the center is set.
Quiche 2 (on the right)
layer this way-
on top of ol smokey...
wait no...whew..maybe another cup of coffee IS Needed!
on top of the potatoes goes the other 1/2 of the onions, the cut up roasted reds, and the mushrooms, along with half and half (same amount as before) whisk in 1/4 cup of grated parm, then top it all with 1/2 cup of shredded mozz. Into the oven blardy blar blar.
Oh...the side? More like OH! The side!
Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with Edamame (might just be my new favorite thing)
2 pints of cherry tomatoes tossed with a little bit of seasoning salt (from Tastefully Simple) and some veg oil and put on a foil lined cookie pan in the bottom of that SAME oven that you are baking your quiches in..multi-tasking Baby! Let those go for about an hour or so..they'll let you know when they are done b/c they start to get shrively. Not sure if that's a word. Anyway....while you are doing all the OTHER stuff...you might as well steam off a couple bags of edamame and shell them out, so that when your tomatoes are done you can toss it all together, take a bite, then let your eyes roll back in your head.

Tonight..we're having chili..even though it's gonna be almost 70 today. We need ONE more chili day before I retire the recipe until the fall!


oh I could eat my husband's chili ANY time of the year, even if its 100 degrees out. It's THAT good!

I might be sweating when I eat it, but its worth it...haha
cakeologist said…
70? I am so jealous!

I am going to have to try that potato crust. Sounds really good.

Seriously on the gummy bears? Do you just soak them and then eat them? How long do they soak...do you drink the vodka they soaked in? Sounds interesting...
Meri said…
That is a very ambitious/ impressive meal, especially for a weeknight!
that meal sounds delicious. i love the potato crust, i do a potato pizza dough recipe that i cant live without! loving this post and the gummy bears- too funny!
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This makes me really want quiche. I'm going to resist, but I'm a sucker for it. My favorites (because I hate onions) are: broccoli and cheese, spinach and peppers, and ham and cheese.

Okay, I need to leave now or else my resolve might falter!