Oh Holy Yum....

Ok, ok..so it looks like an UNHoly mess...I know...but it's not...it's Heaven...PURE deliciousness.
Renaissance Fair Almond Butter
you'll need...
12 oz bag of roasted and salted almonds
veg oil
Agave Nectar (Honey flavored)
and a food processor...
and some self restraint..of which I have NONE. ZERO. ZILCH.
Because this stuff really DOES taste just like those awesome roasted cinnamon almonds you get at random fairs and carnivals!
 Put the almonds in the food processor and let them go until they get really pulverized and start pulling together...then slowly add some veg oil ( I keep mine in a squirt bottle like Guy Fieri does)...add the agave and the cinnamon...then go until it reaches the consistancy you want (by adding more oil).

As pictured, I had mine with some apples...and a fair amount just off the spoon.

I really doubt I'll be doing store bought Almond Butter anymore...


Angie said…
Yum! I like plain almond butter straight from the jar, with a banana. So good, and good for you. (If you don't eat the whole jar.)
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Leslie said…
I haven't seen a recipe for almond butter. Perhaps I'm too into Whole Foods? ;) Nice idea.