Those things that make your heart swell..and break all at the same time. The bittersweet. The happy and the sad. That's my last couple of weeks. This is my sweet Pie. He showed up at our house as a random stray...and I was immediately smitten. He took advantage of the fact that I was carrying in a bag of cat litter AND Little Man and walked right into my house. Loved my kids. Loved me. Got along with the other dogs. And was just perfect...if we didn't have 4 other dogs. Thanks to Facebook, and a good friend he is now "Jack" and is the loyal companion of a wonderful lady, who I believe had the same love at first sight with him that I did. I'm so happy that he's in a happy home, but sad that it couldn't be my home.
This is me and my Little Man...who turned ONE year old last week. He's my baby, my LAST baby. I won't have another baby that turns ONE year old...from now on it's just up numbers...my heart breaks, and my uterus aches....but I'm so thankful that I have two healthy kids.
My Miss Priss-who is turning more into my Mini-Me daily...she's gonna be a flower girl in a wedding in May..and she's so 'big'. Time is just going by too fast for me.
I put myself on Facebook hiatus. Being a semi-depressed stay at home Mom just lent to my spending hours daily there. A complete time suck. Time spent looking at other people's/friend's lives and feelings of insecurity (I'm not thin enough/pretty enough), jealousy (they NEVER put horror stories of what THEIR kids are doing as their statuses..therefore they much have perfect children), inadequacy (no one is responding to my posts...do they not care?!), and just frivolous waste (Frontierville). The only time I go on there now is to shoot someone an email (that I don't otherwise have a contact email for). It's amazing (and scary) what an addiction it is/was...and how it's a constant pull. I haven't deleted my account b/c I don't want to lose all my contacts, but I'm just choosing (daily-sometimes hourly) NOT to log on. I kinda feel like I'm missing out on some things...my Mom had to tell me about a friend that just had her baby..it went like this "Did you know that M had her, oh no wait...she had it on FB so you wouldn't..." Whatever...it just prompted me to check M's blog and there were more details and photos on there anyway! :)
On the weight loss front...I'm stalled..b/c I haven't been trying..at all. I need to. I missed my first 'goal' (being back to pre baby weight by Little Man's first birthday) by about 4lbs. And last week I picked up an additional 3. Boo. The wedding in a couple months is a goal of originally 40lbs loss (from the January start weight). I'm thinking I might need to dial that down to 20..b/c that would be more attainable. Although 40 WOULD be nice!
My Dad...the weight loss rock star...is UNDER 300 now! Which he hasn't been in about 10 years! From Novemeber to now he's down about 69...awesome!! I'm so proud of him!!!
I've got some recipes coming up soon...but just wanted to update you guys on where my head is at lately!


Oh all three of your "babies" are precious! So glad that dog found another home and love that pic of you and little man. I can't believe he is already 1!
Angie said…
You're far from inadequate, and honestly you're not missing anything major when you're not on FB. I check out now and then and don't look at it...I get annoyed with it, honestly, for some of the same reasons you do!

Your children are absolutely adorable!! But you know that!