Deconstructed Dog

This recipe had a much longer title, until when I tried to tell my Sister in Law what it was my Brother piped up with "It's a polish sausage stuffed in a roll"..and it kinda is. Then I had awake vision of if I was ever on Top Chef I'd call this a Deconstructed has all the stuff you (well...I) love about dogs, sausages, etc. The type of dog doesn't really matter ( I used smoked sausage that had cheddar and jalepenos in them) The type of roll dough you use doesn't really matter (similar recipes called for Hot Roll Mix, I made a sweet roll dough for cinnamon rolls and only made half the batch so that is what I used) So I'm not going to stress those things...but the other parts...adhere. Just do. The Filling 1 onion-carmelized (or really close to it) in about a teaspoon or so of oil/butter 1 can of saurkraut-drained 3 sausages, diced 1/4 cup brown sugar 2T minced garlic Carmelize the onions, put garlic in, put sausages in, put kraut in, then put sugar in. See...done..that easy. Now whatever roll dough you use (have it made up and ready)-I used about a 5 in (in diameter) cutter (meh, it's actually a lid to Miss Priss' candy jar) to cut circles and put a good heapin helping of the filling in, then pinch the edges closed-like an empanada (1) I typed panda first, 2) saurkraut empanadas don't sound appetizing or interesting at all to me..unlike Deconstructed Dogs). Bake until they are nice and golden. While they are baking make this- Horseradish and Mustard cream sauce 3T Butter 2T flour 1 cup chicken broth 1/4 (or less) of heavy cream 4 teaspoons yellow mustard 1T prepared horseradish Melt butter in a saucepan, then add the flour (basic roux..nothing scary) cook together, then add broth (I ALWAYS type brother first...heck!) and whisk..give it a few minutes on medium and it will get nice and thick. Add mustard, add horseradish...finish with a splash of cream. So good...really. Husband said it was in the top 5 EVER. And THAT is him saying something! Ever have a bad Mama day? whether you have human babies, or fur babies? TODAY is one of those days on BOTH parts. The dogs decided to start barking at 3am, Miss Priss woke up shortly after (and has not napped since), Husband got up, I got up, Little Man got up, Little Man is teething, I'm even more sleep deprived today than I usually am...I need a break, a nap, bark collars, a sink stopper, a pastry brush, some therapy...


maybe you just need some chocoalte... Sometimes that fixes everything! These look amazing dear!
I love it! My Huband would really like it. I agree with heather- chocolate fixes everything