What? It's a BAT...but not a REAL-makes a weird sonar squeak, flies, and turns you into a vampire. Bacon, Apple, and Toast baby. It was one of those necessity meals. I went to the farm ( is getting warmer, so that means more trips)-and my Dad was busy making food for my children and didn't make food for HIS I had to fend for myself. I kid, I'm glad he was feeding my babies. No hard feelings, Pop. We have a sickness in our family...when we cook, it's not just for one, or's easily enough for 6 (might explain my current weight situation, b/c it has NOTHING to do with portion control, right?) So there was ALOT of breakfast made already... There was homemade toast (already buttered), there was fresh hot bacon...I could have been happy with that. But I wanted something 'healthy' on my bacon and buttered toast sandwich. So after I put a dab of mayo on it, I sliced up an apple and put that on there too. It was open faced. It was salty, it was sweet, it was was all I wanted in that moment. It really WAS divine. It will be a repeat meal..snack...etc. Now onto other things! Aka...the random things in my head at the moment- -My sister in law gave/let me borrow her Kettlebell and dvd that goes with it...I got up this morning..motivated to get into the living room and do said work out and can't find the dvd anywhere. Frick. -Husband got the Netflix that I had for myself and the one for Miss Priss mixed up so Case 39 went back unwatched and we still have The My Little Pony movie. -My new favorite blog is having a giveaway- it's 'soda'(sort of)...sign me up! Go for the giveaway..and stay for her awesome sense of humor and brilliant writing. I don't think I've ever 'followed' someone as fast I did her. -I'm still down this week (despite copius amounts of chocolate over the weekend). I think ALOT of it has to do with the fact that Little Man will be a year old next Wednesday. My little boy, my last baby, will be a year old. I thank my Heavenly Father EVERYDAY for my sweet, healthy's just so bittersweet that they grow so quickly.


How yummy does that look?!

Awww, one year old. Time flies, doesn't it? Kinda scares me sometimes.
this sounds SO good. you are fabulous.
the BAT sounds amazing! I need to pick your brain on your farm knowledge because I want to grow my own herbs and veggies this year but I am a plant serial killer!! YES you heard me right... Just dont tell Mr. Green thumb or he might come haul me off to Plant killer prision... but for real. I need help!
No way !This is so amazing. I have never heard of it before but I am all game!