Tipsy Bears!

I saw the idea for 'drunken gummi bears' floating around the internet..and well, I just happened to have some Whipped Cream flavored vodka. Bag of Gummi Bears take a bath in the vodka... they take a loooong bath...4 days (at least)...
and they soak up all that vodka....and they get all plump and shiny..
And even more delicious than they already are! These would be GREAT at a party...but they are JUST as great hiding in a tiny container in the back of my fridge for "Mama needs a moment" erm..moment! Where knockin back a real shot would send me into allergic hives...these little guys don't seem to phase me! Well...I'm sure the WHOLE container would...but just one or two...or ok...8 *giggles* didn't seem to make me itchy!
I've seen people do the same technique with gummi worms and peachy-o's too.
The gummi-vodka possibilities go on and on!!


I am not a drinker but for WHIPPED CREAM VODKA I would totally drink.

I am so totally going to try this.
Ok so number one... That vodka looks sooo good! And I don't even like vodka!! Number two... soaking them in vodka or rather "vodka bath" PRICELESS!! I just wonder how much like vodka they actually taste! and finally number 3... I love that "Mommy needs a moment!" Oh lord I have those and I only have fur kids!!
Laurie J said…
ok. too funny. whipped cream flav vodka?! no idea that existed (course I'm not a vodka drinker, so...) and then the soaking the gummy bear thing?! I laughed. Out loud. And then had to show my hubby the post b/c he was wondering what was so funny. haha. and happy gummy bear moments!