Breakfast biscuits and getting organized!

Yummy, huh? Totally easy. I always keep the leftovers from, well everything...even breakfast. Little Miss will go from hungry to not in the time it takes me to cook an egg! So...roll of canned biscuits, plus breakfast leftovers and a little bit of cheese...breakfast the next day! Can of biscuits 3/4 cup scrambled eggs 1/2 cup chopped cooked sausage 1/4 cup bacon bits 1/4 cup shredded cheese Roll out the biscuits, put about 1-2 Tablespoons of the filling, pinch it shut, bake until brown. YUM! And again...SO easy! This was our 'fish fry' last week! It was HEAVENLY! And it went along with my 'Suzy gets organized' goal!
This is one of the calendars I keep in the kitchen...this is our meal calendar b/c I'm trying out the whole meal planning thing. And so far...I'm ROCKING it! It has made grocery shopping MUCH easier, and I'm saving a ton of money. Yesterday I fed 6 people with ...get this..TWO chicken breasts and ONE cup of rice. Not kidding!
Along with the meal planning..I've also got my 'daily cleaning list' that I do fairly good after almost 7 years of marriage (how did THAT happen!) I'm FINALLY getting it!


i am jealous of your meal planning skillz!!

thanks for sharing on my breastfeeding post, friend!
well now those breakfast biscuits look like heaven and much tastier than the cereal i just scarfed down! Hope you have a great V-Day! Xo
Suz I have the same calendar in my kitchen but the dates on it are from December 2009!! EEeekk!! I am going to have to start using it! You have motivated me! I made Chicken parm last week and used two chicken breasts and got 5 servings and it was perfect! Planning meals is so much cheaper especially when you inventory what you have before you go so you don't double buy! I always do that then I wonder why it costs so much!! Yum I see beer batter fish on the menu... where is that post? And hot tenderloin??? and Deep dish pizza... stop holding out woman!
Stephanie said…
How have I never thought to put leftovers into crescent rolls? Love it! Thanks for the tip!
Suzanne said…
I love love love love this idea! I just might try it this weekend!
Hey, that is SUPER awesome! Totally incredible idea!!!!