What I watched this week...

I really enjoyed this movie. I've long been a fan of Christina Ricci (since she was dancing with Casper-doncha know)...and Liam Neeson...I LOVE that guy. Oooh...and his accent. *shivers*
But this movie gives you shivers for a completely DIFFERENT reason.
Ricci's character is numb, bored, angry, and unhappy (I've SO been there). But when she's gets in a car wreck and ends up in a funeral home-she starts to realize that maybe she DOES have things to live for...but does she still have the ability?
This movie is NOT kid friendly..so if you have kids make sure that they are asleep or out of the house. Any pay CLOSE attention b/c if you don't...you will surely miss things in this flick!
Suzy says:
It's not a 'rush out and rent'-but a put on the Netflix queue and make sure to watch it before the end of the year.
Suzy learned:
Learn to appreciate life, b/c even though sometimes it can suck, not go your way, and well...be kind of annoying....do you really want to face the other option at this point? I say no!


grace said…
how weird to see justin long in a serious flick!