Do you trust me?

source but really it's Disney...
We watch ALOT of animated stuff in this house (probably another reason I feel like my brain is turning to mush)...and when I looked at dinner tonight, then realized my camera battery is dead..even though I knew/know it's a great recipe and you guys will love'll have to trust me b/c we're sans picture, mmk?
Hence Aladdin and his "do you trust me?" pose. Swoon...I'd like to go on a magic carpet ride....if I could sleep the entire time. Mamacita is tired..stomach flu has hit and hit hard...but hey..should give me a step up on next weeks weigh in right?'s the little things!
Onto dinner!
Green Chile Cube Steak
You'll need-
Cube steak (my pkg had 4 pieces)
Beefy Mushroom soup
can of green chiles
Oven at 250
Make your dredge-
I used 2/3 cup AP flour, 1 T cumin, 1 T granulated garlic, 1 t black pepper
Have some oil heating in a pan-dredge your steaks, shake off the excess and put them in the pan...brown on both sides (but don't worry about cooking all the way through).
In a bowl whisk together the can of soup, 1 cup of milk (I used 2%), and the can of green chiles (the little can is fine..that is what I used)
Pour soup mix over steaks, cover with foil and bake...
I let mine go for 6 hours.
No really...LOW and SLOW. Don't turn up the heat,don't pull it out early...just let it go. This could totally be crockpotable too!
The result? FALL APART beef and a delicious mushroom and chile gravy. Nom nom!
Since I'm dieting I just ate some of the steak...the kids had steak AND mashed potatoes. SERIOUS test of strength to feed Lil Man potatoes and not eat some myself. Oof!
*a note on my diet b/c no 'steak' isn't exactly healthy. It's about the 500 calories a day. That and I had to break up with starch, cheese (well..dairy), carbs in general. But I don't think there were really enough in the dredge to mess me up too bad, esp since the stomach flu is making sure I'm um...passing things along quickly. *shudders*