And so it begins....

a new year... and a new diet. That's You know how back in November I told you about how my Dad was going on a diet. Well....he's down 42lbs. 42lbs lost DURING the Holiday season. He asked me if I wanted to start round 2 with him (not b/c he'd ever TELL me I needed to lose weight, but b/c he knows I want to)...and I'm gonna do it. The HCG diet (you can swagbucks search it). The healthiest diet? Probably not. I don't find anything esp healthy about 500 calories a day. But I know for me. I need a shock to the system. I need a strict smack in the face to get this going. I need to wake up and be 74lbs lighter, but it isn't going to happen over night. I promise not to make this a weight loss obsessed blog this year, but I will tell you that it will be dominating my thoughts. My Dad asked me what my weight loss goal was. I felt that was a bit intense....even though 74 is the magic number. I told him that I had two goals- -20lbs by Husband's cousin's wedding (in May) -40lbs by my HS Bestie's wedding (in October) So even thought my 'diet' isn't going to be the healthiest...I feel my goals aren't that extreme. Other 'resolutions' this year- kicking the soda habit kicking the fast food habit saving money (paying things off) keeping the house clean exercise-even if it's just dancing around the house with the kids read more pass it along... let me detail more about the pass it along thing..b/c it goes with the read more and something else.. I'm gonna tell you what I'm reading...what I've read...and whether or not I enjoyed it. I'm not getting paid to do this...I'm doing it b/c I like to share. Also...this year..I'm clipping coupons...I am clipping EVERY coupon I come across...but I won't use them all. So I'm going to put together a list and if any of you readers want my coupons that I won't be using..I'll get them to you. So stay tuned. And..I'll also be cooking and baking. Probably more for others than myself! *coughs*500 calories*coughs So Happy New Year Er'body!! *the new springy layout is due to the fact that I'm totally seasonally depressed...I am anxiously awaiting the green to come back and flowers to bloom!


sweetybird09 said…
WEll I will pray for your success in this weight loss!
I think this is the best way to start the year... gung hoe and ready to accomplish goals! Then all you have to do is keep the spirit to accomplish them alive!! You have a cheerleader over here Suzy! Can't wait to see what this years brings to you!
I know you can do it girl! I know you can. I read somewhere that just by eating at home for every meal instead of take out or fast food would save you an extra 200-800 calories a week! That's right. So get to cooking and baking! LOL! Seriously though, I am proud of your goal and I will be cheering you on!