A little help...

Hello again today! Sad, well pathetic, story for ya... My house that smells like dogs, cats, and kids (unless I am cooking something) needed help..so I had a Scentsy party..and um..no one showed. So...I'm reaching out to my bloggy friends with this...maybe you are thinking of someone who is hard to buy for...like in-laws, or teachers. Maybe you got chosen for secret Santa at work and have NO clue what to get. Maybe your family drew names and you got your weird cousin...now you know what to get!! Scentsy products are GREAT..if they weren't I wouldn't BOTHER trying to get some for myself! Right now on my friend Tracy's site, I'm her open party...you'll see my name. I know most of us don't live close...but you can get it shipped right to you, wherever you may be! I'll keep this post up for a couple days so you can have access to the site... There are SOOOOO many great scents, and it's awesome because the wax doesn't get hot enough to burn little fingers, or hurt pets..and again..smells so so good! Check it out!


I am so very sorry that no one showed up!

I would totally order but I ordered 2 weeks ago.

Good luck and if I hear of anyone needing some I will send them your way!

And you are right...they are wonderful and the perfect gift!