the start of something...

Am I the only one that saw faces in my breakfast??So my venture into ONE-derland was short lived...b/c the scale said 205.8 this morning. *gulps* Obviously October was NOT my month. It's the first and it's a Monday so my initial mentality is to jump on some bandwagon...and I'm going to. 70lbs is NOT a small number. But it can be broken INTO smaller that is what I'm aiming for. I've got a wedding in May to get ready for, and another next October. I know it's ambitious to want to lose weight in November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas)-but I'm gonna try. I'm gonna try the journalling thing this time around. Writing down EVERYTHING I eat and drink. I'm still breastfeeding a certain blue eyed boy, so I can't be as gung ho with cutting calories as I 'need' to-but we'll see how it goes! It's harder to post lately because this.... demands alot of attention..this is a shot of what happens when I'm on the computer. But it's such a cute distraction, isn't he? Also..despite the fact that I gained over 5 lbs this past month..I haven't been cooking alot of stuff. I think that might be part of the gaining problem. We ate out ALOT this past month. My Dad is starting a diet today...the HCG diet...I don't know much about it..but I do know our friend Jean has lost 60lbs in the past 3months by following it! You take this HCG supplement under your tongue, and a multivitamin and follow a REALLY strict diet. You have to break up with milk, starch, most fruits (apples and oranges are ok), and *gasp* cheese. Dad has a long road ahead of him...he's about 375lbs..and would ideally like to get to about 200. I'm gonna be there cheering him along!


I am cherring your dad along too! My son did and still does that when I get on the computer. He will let me cook in the kitchen all i want but when he sees me on the computer it is a non no!
Um, okay, that has to be the CUTEST baby I have ever seen!!!!! Hand on heart--he is absolutely darling. He looks so Disney or Gerber baby-precious to me!!! My uterus hurts and my ovaries are totally po'd at me right now. lol

I will be cheering you and your dad on! I have no doubt you can achieve your goals-you are a strong, beautiful, kind, funny, determined can do anything!!!
Ivy said…
You have such a cutie-pie on your hands.
Anonymous said…
Very darling baby :) I wanted to let you know that I'm on the HCG diet and feel great. Today is two weeks on the plan and I'm down 18 lbs. It's easier than I thought it would be. If you have any questions about it feel free to email me @