Lately I've become fully obsessed with two things... 1) Bitchin' Kitchen. Seriously. She's gorgeous, she's crude, she cooks amazing food, and she makes funny faces at the camera. I LOVE Nadia G! She makes me wish I was canadian...and italian...and thin with always matching pumps and fingernails. And I l.o.v.e. her kitchen...esp the vintage knobs on her cabinets. I DVR every episode and watch it a few times through...and I always find something new that makes me laugh. I'm even thinking of starting Hans' training that he never quite gets into-but it has SOMETHING to do with 5 sets of 15! He's exactly what I imagine Quinn in the Sookie Stackhouse series would look like! Anyway...we get the cheapest option on our Dish network, so we only get Cooking channel like every other month-but if you get Cooking Channel..WATCH her. You'll love her! source 2) Our new family member. Beauty. I wanted to change her name, but nothing else fits..because she is absolutely Beautiful.
It took me months to find her...I've got this silly, stupid, idealistic, maybe even romantic idea about horses. I've watched movies and read books and seen 'relationships' between horse and owner. Like a friendship between human and beast. We've had horses before...(4 actually) and I've never had that. I kinda thought I just wasn't the person for it. I mean I get along great with goats, cats, and dogs...maybe I'm just not horsey....So when my Dad told me he wanted to get a horse (another one, the last one we gave away to an Amish kid) I knew that it would be a process. I didn't want just 'any' horse. I wanted a connection. I've had two bays....and I didn't really want a bay. I wanted a black horse..(might have something to do with the PC Cast book obsession and Hades dread steeds)-but really...my criteria was kinda low-1)not more than an hour away, 2)over 2 years old, 3) at least halter trained-because I'll be doing the saddle training (scary!!), 4) has some magical kismet connection. Not that bad right?
The first horse I looked at, before I even GOT to her I could tell she didn't like me. No really. AND she had 1 blue eye. My Grandpa (the one I never met) always told my Dad "never trust a horse with a glass eye" (meaning blue)-so I might have prejudged her a bit...but she wasn't the horse for me.
I'd emailed a lady and never heard back about this random black horse...and after I'd semi given up my search she emailed back..so I arranged to go meet this horse. We first met Beauty on a drizzly cold day, but even in the rain she acted calm and unaffected. She let me pet her and where I didn't really feel a connection, I knew she was a gorgeous animal and had a nice feel about her. Then she lifted her big head from grazing and full on nuzzled my Big ol Daddy. A man she'd never met..that's when my heart flipped. She's been our baby ever since.