The Great Green Pumpkin

Have you ever seen a wooly worm THAT tiny?!
Hades dread steeds...I'm in love! (If you didn't pick that's a reference to PC Cast's Goddess of Spring)
Holy smackerelli...Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars
the ONLY things I did differently was I subbed honey roasted peanut butter, didn't put in the peanut butter chips (b/c I didn't have them)-I used honey roasted peanuts..about 3/4 cup and the same amount of chocolate chips. Good right out of the oven, better the day after!
Gut-bomb...or Chili 5 way..and chili that I REALLY should have written down exactly what I put into it b/c it was AWESOME!
And..the Great Green Pumpkin Monster!
the pumpkin/greek yogurt mix from the parfait
two handfuls of baby spinach
a pumpkin spice coffee that I'd already added 2 sweeteners and some half and half to
1 frozen pumpkin
='s DEEEEEELISH!! I've been running back and forth to the farm this week helping out my parents. They've got a new set of triplet baby goats (AWWW), and the last storm we had knocked over the pear tree..didn't uproot it though! I hopped on Dad's tractor and we were able to pull it up and reinforce it. I also brought home 2 5 gallon buckets of pears...they are Kieffer and I really have NO idea what to do with them! Any suggestions?
I might just juice them all and drink myself into oblivion! I do love Pear Juice!!