Dear Next Door Neighbor, Right now I have TWO sick kids, you don't know that, but I do. I try my best to be a courteous neighbor and I lock my dogs up by 8 (so they won't bark and wake your kids) and I don't let them out until at least 9 (so they won't bark and wake your kids) SO when you are whacking, slamming, banging on your truck until 11pm and then flipping a bookcase in your driveway end over end and dragging crap out of your house at 7:30AM, which causes my indoor dogs to bark, which then causes my 7mo old to wake up when he has only slept mere minutes...I hope you enjoy my present of letting my coonhound out so he can bark until his little heart is content. Dear Giveaway Gods, I know I was lucky enough to win an AWESOME giveaway this morning...but please, please, oh please...let me win the Scooby-Doo giveaway for Lil Miss. Dear Dish Network, I think it's total and complete CRAP that you are dropping Fox. It really pisses me off that I won't be able to watch Fridge OR Glee. *pouts* Dear House dogs, The point of the housetraining pads is for you to go to the bathroom ON them, not next to them. And aren't puppies, it's stupid that you even do this. Dear Little Man, I know you don't know, but I thought I'd let you know that you save me. I can be on the edge of the cliff and I can nurse you or even just hold you close and the tension just melts away. I don't know how you do it, but I'm so thankful you do. And so thankful to my Heavenly Father for both you and your sweet sister. Alrighty kids...your turn!


Dish dropped Fox?!?!?! Seriously?! Not cool.

I have some "Dear's," but I'm afraid it would take me a week to get through them. lol Right now, my only "Dear" is: Dear Jerry Jones, please give a blank check to Jimmy Johnson and bring the Cowboys back to the team of the 90s. :(
Dear Food Network, if you could please allow me to have my own show and cookbook I would really appreciate it. thanks
Dear Food Network, Me too!!!

Dear Lottery gods, please allow me to win enough to just have a really awesome kitchen in a house that is paid for and take a vacation once a year!

Dear paycheck, Can you please just be like a sea monkey and if I dunk you in water you will double in size!! PLEASE!!!!
grace said…
no more fringe? say it ain't so! sorry, friend! and i feel your pain with the pet-pee situation. it's maddening. :)