I had so much fun doing my "Dear" post..I'm gonna make it a weekly thing? You mind? Hope not! Let's have fun with it!
It will have to be a mix of serious and silly, b/c that's what I am...let me start with the serious-
Dear Cancer,
I HATE you. I know hate is a strong word, but I really do. Last week I got the news that my friend Joanna lost her fight with you. Does it really make you feel good that she's leaving her 4 children (all under 10 btw), her sweet husband, and all her friends that loved her crazy personality? I know, I KNOW that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us. I KNOW that when it's time for us to go home to him, we'll go. But in the meantime, you are making our brief earthly existence even more heartbreaking than it needs to be.
Dear Hayfever,
You suck. You make it impossible for me to enjoy this luscious fall weather we're having without the foggy, drug haze of an allergy pill so I can breathe in said fall air. You make it impossible for me to have the windows open unless I want to have the bottle of allergy eye drops attached to my face. And outdoor activites with the kids? Yeah..can't do it. Thanks for that. Again, you suck.
Dear Red Robin,
Are you REALLY that stupid to have a local high school football player be our server on a Sunday when the Chiefs are playing? Thanks to the fact that he was more interested than the game than our table, I sent you a scathing email about the crap service we got. Good thing the Mt. Olympus burger was awesome or I would have lost it right there to the manager in person.
Dear Jessica,
I love all your recipes, I love that you have a site for healthy kid's eating, and I LOVE that you are doing a Bake for the Cure week!
Dear Readers,
Please go to Jessica's site and leave her a comment on her Bake for the Cure recipes, she's in a contest and it's awesome, and since she's my buddy..I really hope she wins!
Dear Giveway Gods (I totally typed dogs first btw),
I really, really, REALLY have to win the Scooby Doo prize pack for Little Miss b/c she's obsessed with it. So please, please, PLEASE let it happen!
Dear Self,
The floor won't vacuum and shampoo itself. You have company coming over in about 2 hours and the house smells like dog piss. Get off the blogs and get to work.
How about you? Any "Dears" this week??


I love all of your "Dear" notes. I am so very sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer is truly frightening. Why can't we find a cure? I pray we have one soon.

Dear Dallas Cowboys, I love know I always will, but when you make the same stupid penalties and turn the ball over deep in your own end zone, you are going to lose. Please stop saying, "We just have to fix the mistakes." You said that after the first loss, yet nothing has changed. I really don't want to spend another Sunday p'od with a headache.
I am so sorry about your friend. My heart is breaking for their family. I will keep them in my prayers and thanks for the shout out- your the best! P.S. I have allegeries so bad and I HATE them toO!
I am SO sorry about losing your friend. Cancer is a horrible disease. My mom passed away from metastatic breast cancer 4 years ago so I know how difficult it is to lose a loved one from the disease.