Dear Body, I know I've put you through alot these past few years. I mean Hell, two babies in two years, it's not easy. However I don't really think it's fair for you to retaliate in the form of Stomach Flu, a Head Cold, a week off, then Stomach Flu again. I get that I need to sleep more, I get that I should take better care of you, but you aren't making it any easier. Dear Monday, You don't mean anything to me anymore really. We used to be enemies you and I silently long for the daily work grind that I no longer have. Dear New Neighbors (x3), I really preferred living on this street before you moved in. Dear Kids, Mama is sick. So if there is any chance that you guys could be quiet and sleepy today I'd love it. Really. My body won't cut me a break...maybe you will? No, ok..just thought I'd ask. Dear Mother in Law, Thanks for the incoming drop off of Pepto....and handling a business call for me. Do you guys have any "Dears" for today?


Sweet Sins said…
Dear Jeans,

Why are you never the same as you are straight off the rack? I follow the tricks, don't dry hang by the legs etc. and yet you are never the same. I am NOT Paris Hilton I cannot afford to wear a new pair everyday. Since I show you love can you show me some love and stop letting me down! K THANKS!
sweetybird09 said…
Dear, back pain can you ease up so I can get some of my crafting done today!

Aww, I'm so sorry you are sick again. :( I hope you feel better soon.


Dear Ovaries: I know you are pissed--I can tell every month. But, really, is it my fault the right guy hasn't come along? Is it really necessary to put me through mind-numbing cramps/back pain EVERY month? I get you're losing patience, but blame the male population, not the one that houses you. Just sayin'.
Ivy said…
Feel better. My best wishes are sent out to you. Poor thing. Get well soon so you can feel happy and refreshed again. :)
I love it! I am laughing out loud right now and my son is looking at me like i am insane! Your so funny!