Finally, right?

It's me. I'm back. With some yumm-yumms and traditional Suzanne-randomness that you all so crave and admire *coughs* Have you been keeping up with my WLB blog? neither really. I got hit with the stomach flu last week, then this week a head cold..wah..wah...wo is me. I'm sick of being sick. I was doing SO well..getting on the treadmill and such then My energy is slowing showing up's like that party that you went to in high school, and the ONLY reason you went is b/c that 'guy' might show up..but he didn't show up until the VERY End of the party...'guy'='s my energy at this point. BUT I have lost almost 10lbs. Woot for me!'s after 10.'s after my bedtime. But I'm full of I'm letting it fly. Also...I'm going to change up the blog a be ready. I won a giveaway for a blog I need to jump on that...Aaaannnndddd.... I figure my brain isn't limited to food alone. I've got lots of stuff to talk about. Like things that annoy me. Days of our Lives. Vampires and other mythical things My absurd obsession with PC Cast books Trying to manage being a stay at home mom and wife housework and my hatred for it my dogs that piss on things they shouldn't.... But first- the picture... Chipotle-honey-lime shrimp tacos!! 1/2 pound of peeled/deveined shrimp (I buy them that way)-tossed in some taco seasoning and fried in some butter until they are done. flour tortillas shredded romaine cheese-chicka-cheese sour cream CHL sauce- 2 chipotles in adobo sauce (they come in a can in the mexican food aisle) 2 T honey zest and juice of one lime 1/4-1/2 cup vegetable oil run all this through a blender until it's smooth. 3 shrimp on the tortilla-CHL sauce on the shrimp-other toppings listed- PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH. I have leftover CHL sauce..and I'm not afraid to use it. In fact I can't WAIT to use it b/c I'm pretty sure it will be good on everything! One more thing...well..more than one...I think there are 7 questions. :) My buddy The Frisky Virgin (don't you just LOVE that blog'll love her too..just read her stuff) tagged me! She also gave me an awesome bloggy prize, but I'm kinda slow and not sure how to post I just save the picture of the prize and do it that way? eh? Here are the questions she wanted to know my brilliant answers to! 1)Do you believe in fate? why or why not? Yes. Take my relationship with my husband...we knew each other when we were 16-that's when we met. But we didn't date. We liked each other, but we didn't date. We went our separate ways. Years later-met up, dated for 13 weeks then got married (a story for another day)-I've traced my lines back of things that I could have done. Directions I COULD have gone in and somehow...he would have ended up in those places at some time or I think it was fated. *collective AAAWWWWWW* 2)If you could marry/date any supernatural being/superhero, who/what would it be and why? Gah....toughie. You are probably expecting me to say Eric from the Sookie books, or Edward from Twilight. Well..there is that allure for that...yes. But...Eric is a complete narcissist and Edward is WAY too moody for me. I pick...Clan Fintan from PC Cast's Divine books. If you haven't read need to...seriously. He's so awesome. he's a centaur...but he can totally shape shift into human (giving away that part of the book for you) and he's spiritual and knows feelings. Chills just thinking about him. 3) Which one: Harry Potter or Twilight, why? I might lose readers over this one. But I'm going Harry Potter....BECAUSE the Twilight movies are killing it for me. I loved the books..LOVED the books...but I'm not loving (and honestly barely liking) the movies. However the Harry Potter books...loved them...and the movies...make the books even more real and awesome. 4) Are you a morning person or a night owl? It varies. Two babies in two years has REALLY jacked up my schedule. I'm leaning on the side of night lately. I rarely fall asleep until after 10, and even then Baby Boy is usually wanting to be bed around 12 then again around 4. Sometimes I'm lucky enough that he'll let me be lazy and just side nurse, but generally I'm up with the nursing pillow across my lap (which is actually a really soft body pillow-so comfy) and I turn the tv on...bad habit...esp b/c I LOVE infomercials. 5) You have three wishes that will come true: What are they? -to have my 16 year old body back. I respect my body that I have now b/c it grew and nourishes two babies...but I want the old one back. The one that was toned and slender and beautiful and athletic (even though I didn't do sports). -a big house on at least 20 acres somewhere. I hate living in town. -money. but not just any kind of money. secret money that my husband doesn't know about and that I don't feel guilty spending on crap for myself instead of helping with groceries and diapers. 6) What is your favorite? :Classic film, rom-com, fantasy, animated? All of the above. Really...I honestly CAN"T pick a favorite movie. It's not possible for me. My favorites are widely ranged...I love old musicals like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, old non-musicals Gone with the Wind. French Kiss is my all time favorite rom-com....I know it inside out and upside down. I guess my interest in Tim Burton movies would fall under fantasy...weird twisted scary fantasy...but Beetlejuice is another top 10 favorite. And I can't ignore cartoons...having kids that watch animated stuff all the time really reminds me of how much I love some cartoons....Alice in Wonderland is just great to me. I'm a movie's rare and I can honestly say its only happened a couple times that I watched a movie and then felt like I'd wasted time and brain power. One of those times was Solaris...sorry George..I just didn't get it. 7)What is your favorite kind of music? Gah! Another one I can't pin down FV sorry! Instead I'll list my favorite's ALL over the place....Robbie Williams-I love this man. LOVE him. If given the opportunity I'd like to do bad things with him. *swoon* I love his normal stuff and I ADORE his "Swing" cd where he covers old Frank and Dean stuff. Frank and Dean stuff.... I have country roots....I love Patsy Cline's Heartache album, and Marie Osmond (yes...I just said that),Charley Pride, John Anderson, ooh ooh The Gatlin Brothers. Favorite country right now is Lady favorite country male of all time? Ty Herndon- I love his voice. If he and Robbie want to duet at my funeral-that would be awesome. I'll be sad that I missed it! If I went on with my other favorites...we'd be here all day...but that's a glimpse! That's FV for the GREAT questions and for reigniting my blogging fire!! :)


Sweet Sins said…
These look SOOO GOOD!
First, that recipe looks so yummy!

Second--LOVE your answers!!! I'm on board with Harry Potter over Twilight. The books and films are outstanding and so much fun. I've just started the P.C. Cast series and I'm really loving it so far. Robbie Williams is great--didn't he do a song or two for the Bridget Jones movies? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else...

Alice in Wonderland is one my all-time favorites, and I adore French Kiss--such a cute movie.

Totally agree on Eric/Edward. lol Although, I may find it difficult to turn Eric down should the ancient one come knocking on my door. ;)

You are absolutely right about fate. The fact that you could have gone in any number of directions, yet something bigger brought you down one very specific road is proof of something I can only describe as magical. :)
You know when I was reading your favorite music I thought you put RobIN Williams - hahaha! :)

And I agree on the Twilight movies - they're just no good compared to the books! And now you have me super-interested in checking out P.C. Cast's books! Also agree on Edward being too moody - wouldn't want to live with him FOREVER!! But I guess Eric really isn't much better - but I find him better looking for some reason! :)

And can you believe I've NEVER read a Harry Potter book!? I actually think I'd really like them, but I've never tried to read one!
Love it! fun to hear your answers! hope you have a great week and the food sounds delish!

XOOX Jessica