Breakfast + Fruit ='s Happy

I'm trying really hard to incorporate fresh fruit into everything I eat lately. Mainly b/c my parents keep our fridge full of it for Little Miss (yes..we're spoiled like that). It should be simple right? And it is...really. Raspberry Cream Malt o Meal with a sprinkle of Cloves... yes..cloves...yes I know this is a VERY strong spice, and yes I just used a tiny was really good. I'm usually a cinnamon girl...but cloves are a nice change and still in that same family. Oh...ha..and um..a healthy pat of butter. This however...might just be my new obsession. Aarti calls it Quinoa Porridge, I can't call it anything b/c when I'm eating it I'm without words and my eyes roll back in my head. I didn't make it the same way she did...I cheated...
2 cups of water
1 cup quinoa
into the microwave rice cooker and into the micro for 15 minutes and you have PERFECT quinoa.
My medium saucepan was still dirty from making Malt o Meal the day before *shrugs* but it worked, so don't judge my laziness, k?
when I discovered how perfect it was, I couldn't help but dig in and since I'd been inspired by Aarti's post earlier in the day I went sweet...
1T butter
1T brown sugar
and a handful of pitted Bings later...
With the natural nutty flavor of the quinoa-the butter/brown sugar duo took on a totally caramelly flavor. Yes..I know that is the base for caramel BUT I'm usually a bbs duo girl in my oats and it NEVER has tasted like this before.
The little pieces of the quinoa nesteled themselves into the cherries and gah...just divine...I'm getting goosebumps even writing about it and as soon as I finish...guess what's for breakfast?!
Quinoa folks, it's not just for side dishes.


Ivy said…
Looks good. I think I like Cream of Wheat better if I have a choice between that and malt o meal.

The quinoa is a good idea. I should try that!

Have a lovely weekend
Sweet Sins said…
I agree Ivy I do prefer Cream of Wheat but that is just because that is what I grew up on! Either way it looks great! You know what is so funny I have a bag of Quinoa and I have not attempted anything with it because I was not really sure where to start! This is great! I am going to attempt something like this, this weekend! Great post!
Michelle Tressa said…
Hi, stopping in from The Frisky Virgin.

Those look so good! I've never had Quinoa. Looks like I have to give it a try! :) Love all the food pics. Makes me hungry!!
Kristina P. said…
I love Aarti! She was my favorite. I will have to try this quinoa.

Not a cream of wheat fan, but I do love cracked wheat. I like the gritty, crunchy stuff.