Pukked Porl.

That's pronounced "pucked" for clarification...and my fingers wanted to type "Pulled Pork" b/c that's what this is/was. But my mashed potato brains typed Pukked Porl..so there you go. Um...have you got a whole day?? B/c you need one. You guys know how I am about my bbq. VERY picky. So is Husband. He's pickier than I am, but in a different way. I'm picky about flavor, he's picky about texture and if there is any fat on the meat..he won't touch it. Therefore usually at a BBQ restaurant he'll get turkey. Boring. We both like pulled pork. But I think 'fat' comes in two disappointing ways 1)brisket, 2) pulled pork. This pork...was FAAAAAANTASTIC! It tasted smoked..although it wasn't...BUT...it did take ALL day. Pulled pork should FALL apart....you need to cook it all day for it to fall apart So around eh...10am I put it in the oven on 300...and it went until about 10 that night. You'll need- a big ol butt *snickers* BOSTON butt I mean! I think mine weighed about 4-5lbs. I used a PD recipe as a guide...but really freehanded with the seasoning amounts..- PD's house seasoning is just a rationed mix of what I use all the time anyway! So I did go ahead and make up a bowl of her stuff..it makes life SO much easier! So....salt, pepper, garlic, -rub you meat *snickers* (I'm such a child) then....seasoning salt, then -rub your meat then....liquid smoke (this stuff is KEY)-then..say it with me now..RUB YOUR MEAT...you totally said it out loud this time didn't you?! Put it in a big ol pan and add the chopped onion, bay leaves (which I still haven't really figured out yet), and water. Put in the oven. Do not cover. I repeat...DO NOT COVER. You want it to look burned when you pull it out..that's bark. That's wonderful, delicious, awe inspiring...bark. Then you need to leave your house for a long time......at least until the pork is done. The first few hours of it being in the oven drove me crazy b/c it smelled SO good! Since it was about 10Pm when it got done...I put it in the fridge and saved it for Sunday supper... pulled it out of the fridge Sunday morning and pulled the heck out of it. I saved any fat and bone (there is one big bone) for the doggies. And I drained the juice...and saved it...SAVE the juice... It was then I realized..I had all this gorgeous pulled pork...and not enough sauce. NOT NEAR enough sauce. So I improvised. And OMG I'm so glad I did. 1/2 bottle of BBQ sauce (b/c that is all I had) 1/2 bottle of Go Chicken Go (it's a ghetto chicken place here in MO...but awesome sauce...it's like a more pulverized salsa) 1/2 cup brown sugar and the juice. I told you, you would need it. This was a time where I'm so glad that I'm not scared to make things up in the kitchen b/c it's seriously good sauce! I'm also glad we have another Boston Butt in the freezer...I have a feeling we'll be using it soon!!


Josh Healy said…
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Oh, I love BBQ!!!!!!! This looks fantastic. Hmm, think my tummy just growled.
Anonymous said…
LOL.... I love the step by step play on this recipe. I love BBQ and this sounds delish. Thanks