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Have you all missed me? Hopefully a little, right? I haven't been doing a TON of cooking...no really..I haven't. Because I'm trying to lose (a ton) weight...I got chosen for Season 2 of Win, Lose, or Blog! But I have cooked up a couple things... My Ma's birthday was the 17th...so I baked her up some banana cupcakes with honey-cinnamon frosting! I took inspiration from Martha and didn't change up much..cept for more cinnamon b/c my Ma is a cinna-holic. I did allow myself ONE cupcake...and actually..only ate half (self control was hard on this one!)-the cupcakes have the banana bread taste,but not the dense heavy texture..they have the nice light cakey texture. Also, my Dad praised me that the frosting really didn't overpower the cake...yes!
I'm a Food Network addict and one of my new favorite faces is Marcela on Mexican Made Easy. Husband has a MAD crush on her-totally understandable b/c she's a babe. He loves listening to her talk-I can fake it to make it on speaking spanish..but since she is from Mexico she can say it effortlessly...like PO-blanos, and Chiles (but it sounds like Cheee-lays). And when she made Stuffed Poblanos..aka Chile Rellenos, Husband and I both declared we needed to try it. Warning....unless you are Marcela and have the Food Network staff at your disposal...have another person helping you with this. It was difficult, but SO worth it!
Can it be-a, and italian quesadilla?? You know where Healthy is right? Ok..go there, but then take a left and go a few blocks, then take ANOTHER left and go down until you get to Ya-Kiddin-Me St. See..it's still in the neighborhood, but it's not REALLY healthy. Flat-out wrap + pesto (healthy...) + pepperoni + italian blend cheese (not healthy)='s awesome lunch!!
Last year a bloggy buddy of mine did 12 days of Oats to get in the Christmas mood. And where it's not Christmas (Yet)...I had some blackberries I wanted to use up..so I did them Heather style-old fashioned oats, a little butter and brown sugar, blackberries AND blueberries. It might very well be my new favorite way to eat oats!!
Ah..cherries...bings how I love thee...I do not however, love your PITS! I'd love to eat you like grapes (seedless ones of course) but alas I cannot b/c of your F*&^%*# PITS! I asked my Dad to get me a cherry pitter, he said he never had much luck...so I looked online and found my amazing solution-a pastry tip
seriously..there should be a Nobel prize for kitchen ideas and that person should get it! I had like $15 worth of Bings..and now..they are all seed free and MUCH easier to snack on!
Oh...a favor if you would please...my good blog friend Ivy is in a contest, and I'd LOVE to see her win!! Her awesome ice cream is the Whiskey-Blueberry! Go vote for her here! I'll try to be back soon with something yummy..this time in the form of a KC restaurant review! Yesterday was Husband and My 6th anniversary and tonight is dinner at Fogo de Chao!


Ivy said…
Awe! Thank you. You are so good to me.

Happy Anniversary! Have a great night out.
Everything looks great but I TOTALLY want to eat one of those stuffed peppers!!