Insight, Goals, and Help (hopefully!)

I awesome trend I am seeing are the 'healthy' blogs...I'd introduced you to a couple before that I love. I'm addicted to them..they are full of women who are exactly what I want to be! Healthy, smart, etc! I love Kara-her blog is a DAILY stop for me and she's doing 30 days of Insight, and I've decided to jump on the bandwagon as well. Because bandwagons are fun. And I have a little catching up to do: Day 1-Guilty pleasure *sigh* Food. Especially fast food and junk food. Seriously..I'm an emotional eater and whenever the stress hits me the FIRST place I think of and want to go is McDonald's. And no, not for a small fry, or a hamburger-plain. I'm a 'if you are gonna go..go all out' and I get the DOUBLE Quarter Pounder, LARGE with a coke. B/c I can't go to McDonald's and NOT get a Coke, even though I don't habitually drink soda. I'm also a HUGE fan of potato chips and doughnuts. Yes, sometimes together. See, I'm a sick sick person. Day 2-Something that inspires you My kids, and the future they hold. (how's THAT for sensitive and profound?) Day 3-The 5 songs you'd have with you on a desert island and why. I'm a music fan..but choosing just 5...hard to do! How about the 5 I'd START with? Stay-by Lisa Loeb (I've loved this song ever since it came out), Lullaby in Blue-by Debbie Reynolds (It's the lullaby I sing to my kids), Living in a Moment-by Ty Herndon (my most favorite country singer EVER, he is perfect to me and it's one of my favorite songs of his), boy..this is harder than I Time I Fall-by Peter Cetera (again..just loved it ever since I heard it..oof..when I was a kid), One of the 90 and 9-by Michael McLean (he's an LDS composer, singer, and all around AWESOME guy..I love all his stuff). Day 4-What you imagine paradise is like. A clean house, happy family, and lots to eat. I'm simple like that. Day 5-A Thank you letter to someone that has changed your life. Aw..that's a good one. But mine would be simple. Dear Husband, thank you for REALLY loving me and changing my life. No really..that's who it would be. Sappy huh? Day 6-Earliest thing you can remember. My brother trying to smother me with a pillow, I was probably about 2 or so. Day 7-Favorite cover of your favorite song. Ooh ooh! I love Amanda Seifried's cover of Abba's Thank You for the Music. I like it better than the original..but don't tell Sweden that, ok? Day 8-Someone you think would make a good President. Oof...I'm not very political..I can honestly say I couldn't name someone. But I can also say that I'm not really happy with the current administration. There, done. Day 9-5 things you'd like to see change. I'll answer this like I answered it on Kara's site...they are things that need to change with me-my weight, my self esteem, my house cleaning, my relationships with other, and I'd love for my toddler to be potty trained. Day 10-A dream you've had this past week described in detail. Something killed all but one of the goats out at the farm. My Dad was numb to it. It was really sad b/c I know how happy those goats make us! Whew..ok..I'm caught up now! On Goals and know my Birthday goal...well I've submitted application to be in Season 2 of Win, Lose, or Blog! I really hope I make it on!!!


Awwww! Thanks for the shout out, that made my day!!!!!!!! <3

A clean house is totally paradise, good one!!!

Good luck with win, lose, or blog. That sounds like a very cool contest!
Sweet Sins said…
Good luck with the win, loose or blog! I hope you get it!!