It's been a little too long since I did a giveaway hasn't it? And it's about time! This summer I have been the VERY LUCKY recipient of a few giveaways! I won over at Moogie and Pap over the 4th of July! Two new cookbooks..and it's all cookies and Magnolia bakery Babies!! And an adorable apron that has a chalkboard on it...yes ON it! It's so much fun! Then I snagged some awesome mini cupcake liners from Ivy, they are SO cute! I was feeling generous..but couldn't really think of anything I had around here that anyone else would like when I got an email from MyBlogSpark with this giveaway opportunity that I knew you all would LOVE!! All of the stuff above in the picture I received (and you can to!) courtesy of MyBlogSpark and Yoplait! My issues with yogurt aren't a new blog guys know I have an issue with guys also know that Yoplait is my favorite brand! I just recently tried the Whips...what can I tell ya..I was nervous! It's like dessert! It's creamy, dreamy, and just wonderful! I had to exercise some SERIOUS portion control b/c I could have easy taken down 4-5 of those suckers! And oh yeah....everyone reading..can get a coupon for them HERE! (again Thanks to MyBlogSpark!) My Dad actually introduced me to frozen yogurt pops this summer for Little Miss, but we just would put a plastic spoon in the top, let it freeze, then cut the plastic away...I'm SO excited to use my new Popsicle freezers for them! They are so cute and look like ice cream cones!! I know Little Miss will love them...and I know I will too! I'm also loving my new insulated tote that keeps things cool for us while we're on the go this summer! So you want it, right? Well...I'm giving ya until Wednesday at 5pm (CST) to get entered! Just tell me....what do you do with yogurt?? Are you a purist that just eats it out of the cup? Do you put it into popsicles? Mix it into smoothies?? And why not give you another chance to win...follow me and I'll put you in for another entry!! You guys play nice...I'm off to start my first official week as Stay at Home Suzy (still weird!)..I've got a bed full of cheese crackers thanks to Little Miss, and a Little Mr who is a bit cranky b/c he's teething...maybe instead of a teething ring I'll just give him one of my fancy new popsicles... It's Monday...but it can be a great one! Today is #59 and the quote reads "It's not how good you are, but how bad you want it" Notice it doesn't can still be bad and get what you want...I need to internalize that!


I've never seen Popsicle freezers like that, too cool!
I like freezing yogurt and putting it in smoothies :-)
I also have texture issues!
Lindsay said…
I've never froze yogurt before, but it looks delicious. I usually just eat it out of the cup!
Karen said…
I love to eat yogurt that is frozen. It was the only way I used to be able to eat it. It took me a long time to learn to appreciate the taste of it "as is". Now I eat it every day (unfrozen) with lunch with chia seeds mixed in.
And now I'm following you!
grace said…
am i the most boring and uninventive person ever? all i do with yogurt is mix it with granola. okay, sometimes i get fancy and add honey and orange zest, but it's usually just the granola. oh well. :)
Sweet Sins said…
I too have texture issues and I can only eat it if it is frozen or soft serve fro yo! I only will eat yoplait though if i do have it! I have been dying to try the whips but I was scared it would just be a let down! I am going to have to ahead and get a few to try now that I know someone that was like me and actually likes them!