Cherry Gratin..and a winner!

Little Miss helps me with my super-scientific way of getting a winner (ie post-its in a jar!-and CAN be jealous of my really good 1 gallon Ball jar my Dad gave me..go ahead!)
Ta-daaahhhh! Kara! You won!!! Email me your mailing address and I'll get the prize pack out to you!! I can't wait to see what cool popsicles you come up with!!
So here's the story (of a lovely lady..wait...nope..wrong song!) of another one of my mis-adventures in cleaning out the fridge OR cooking with what you've got. Honestly..I think cooking with what you've got is a VERY important thing to do. Sure saves money, and cuts down on stuff that ends up in the trash can.
Little Miss is a fruit fly...she LOVES fruit..therefore my Dad is always buying her fruit. Last time around it was blueberries and cherries (Rainier and Bing). The blueberries were getting shrively and the cherries needed some help too. So...I pitted, and then I thought about it. I could just eat these cherries. But then I saw the pitiful blueberries and knew I had to help them out too. I went looking and found this Cherry-Almond Gratin. It sounded good..and easy! So I set off to make it.
But um..I only had about 1/4 cup of almonds. Hrm...*pilfers through the cupboard some more* toasted coconut? It could work. is what I did...
and I'm not sure what to call it either...Little Miss called it Juicy Fruit Pie...but that makes me think of the gum..
Cherry-Blueberry-Almond-Coconut Gratin is WAY too long..and gives too much away.
Maybe Blue-double-Cherry Coconut toasty? Still too long...
Wait! (seriously I'm brainstorming for a title AS I type this so stay with me)-how about Fruit Toasty? No...that sounds like a cereal. Dangit.
Any ideas? Here's the recipe for the No-name knock off Gratin.
Fruit in equal amounts-
1 1/2 c Rainier cherries (pitted and cut up)
1 1/2 c Bing cherries (ditto)
1 1/2 c Blueberries
healthy squirt of lemon juice
2T sugar
Cook over medium high heat until everybody gets really juicy and cozy, then pop it into the fridge to cool.
Oven at 375..while fruit is cooling...put the mixer to work-
1 stick of salted butter-softened
1/4 cup ground almonds
3/4 cup toasted coconut
(blend until incorporated)
2 eggs
2 T heavy cream
1 cup powdered sugar (don't sift)
I used a white casserole dish for this..spray it with some non stick and once the cherry/berry mix cooled I added it, then globbed this stuff on top. Then baked. And baked. And baked. It baked for about 45 minutes. Then I let it cool.
You have to let it cool b/c the cherry/berry stuff is like hot lava. So again I say, let it cool.
Ah...I forgot to tell you. I LOVED it. As in l.o.v.e.d. it. My blueberries had totally rehydrated and got all bursty in my mouth and the two different cherries added both their flavors too...the more sweet Rainier, and the bold heady Bing. *smacks lips*
And the topping. Yum. I wouldn't call it a crumble, and despite a cup of sugar, it wasn't terribly sweet. I loved the toasty flavor of the coconut and the nut texture from the almonds.
I also didn't feel as guilty eating this as I do other desserts b/c it was alot more fruit than topping. And it was fruit..not chocolate. :)


Ivy said…
What a clever thing-dessert gratin.
It look super delicious.
Thank you Little Miss Help Me!!!!!!!! hahaha!!!

I'm so excited!!! Emailing now :-)
Sweet Sins said…
Yum! I love pulling somethin together with what you already have! You feel resourceful and so proud when it is a yummy winner!!
Dang that looks good.

Hi! I am Mindy from Season 1 of Win, Lose or Blog. Congrats on being chosen!!! I will have such a great time cheering you on!
Oh my son is in love with some cheeries! This is a great recipe and it looks out of this world. Will definitely be trying it soon! XOXO Jessica