Pie oh, my!

A quickie post from me...honestly..one of these days I hope to get the hang of taking care of kids, keeping the house clean, and making wonderful food..but for now/for today..I feel TOTALLY overwhelmed. Sweets help...help my nerves, but not my self esteem! ha! Anyway...I've been stalking again...How Sweet It Is...indeed! Above is her Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie. It's super super rich, super super chocolatey, mmmmm. You must have a gallon of cold milk to go with it though! :) I'll hopefully be back soon..I do have a Suzy original recipe as soon as I get my pictures downloaded that I think you all will love. Supremely Stressed out, Suzy


I made chocolate chip cookies last night, but a chocolate chip cookie pie sounds wayyy better!
Wishing you some stress free-ness!