Jalepeno Popper Quiche

Late one night in the Fridge Bar, just as the Bartender was about to close up...a quiet Quiche met a fiesty Jalepeno Popper. She loved his firey personality and smooth talking, and He loved the fact that she was a bit of a flake and so traditional. And that my Children, is how the Jalepeno Popper Quiche began... OR I just thought it sounded like a good combo and made it happen! Cooking out of 'what you've got'. That's what I do alot of the time. You guys already know that. What you might NOT know..is that this quiche was awesome. I loved it! I know the pairing sounds a bit odd, but it really is a match made in heaven..ooh..and pretty easy to make! Jalepeno Popper Quiche 2 jalepeno peppers, deseeded and run through the mini chopper 4oz of cream cheese (put that in the mini chopper too) 4 eggs 1 cup heavy cream 4 pieces of bacon, cooked, chopped, and cooled dash of white pepper store bought-premade deep dish pie crust. Oven at 350 Mix everything together, dump in the pie crust, and let it go until it knife tests clean..about an hour! It's better once it's room temp....creamy, cheesy, spicy. Nom nom nom! I'm not doing very well on my birthday goal (of losing 20lbs)-I um..took down almost an entire box of Cheddar Jack Cheez-its yesterday. *hangs head* 72 days...down to 72 days to make it happen.


Ivy said…
I love jalepeno poppers-this does seem like a -duh moment-like why hasn't this been thought of before?
My husband would love this!