I hate making pancakes

I do..I fully admit it. Rarely can I get the right size, the right texture, the right taste. I'm a premature flipper. I'm a habitual burner. And it's sad, b/c Husband LOVES pancakes. It's about his favorite breakfast food. So...again on Big Red Kitchen (I'm a wee big obsessed, can you tell?) Pancake Squares...'pancakes' that you BAKE IN THE OVEN! What?! I made absolutely NO changes to her recipe..so go HERE for it. This is gonna be a house staple..I can't wait to try it again with blueberries! Do you have food peeves? I'm full of them..along with the pancake problem. I have an apple issue. I love them, but when I eat them, I prefer them to be cut up...I always end up getting apple juice all over my face when I try to eat one w/out cutting it up. Annoying. Strange..I say I have alot of them...but unless I'm confronted with that food I can't think of them. Ie...I just had an apple for breakfast (that I didn't cut up) and a triple chocolate muffin...whole grain. :)


Ha! I'm awful at making pancakes too - I just don't do it enough!

The apple thing makes me laugh! You know, I love cherry tomatoes too - but I hate how you have to be really careful when you eat them. I don't like to squirt tomato juice on my eating companions if I can help it! :D
grace said…
i can't contain all my food issues within this little box, and that's the sad truth. :)
i don't mind making pancakes occasionally, but the pan o' pancakes idea is awesome--thanks!