Choir of Angels...

Do you hear them singing? The Angels? Their sweet cherubic voices.... Let's hear it for me...yes..I'm being braggy..but really..this is one of the BEST food pictures I've ever taken! Occassionally I get lucky! But this recipe? SUPER simple..and really..if you think the picture looks good..wait'll you taste it! What is it? I mean really? It looks like it's's not. The's a boxed plain ole' white cake that I made in a mini bundt pan..I intentionally cooked it about an extra 5 minutes so it would be less moist, and more crumbly. The fruit...well..I call it fruit salad. *shrugs* Seriously...there are two things you HAVE to have to make it work...the rest is up to you... the two things you HAVE to have 1) packet of sugar free instant lemon pudding 2)big can of pineapple chunks in juice (and even that is semi-negotiable, you could totally use crushed if you prefer, or rings, and pile up the rest of the fruit IN the ring..that would be cute..*note to self*) then...use your imagination, or erm...what you have on hand (that's what I did) the measurements on the fruit are up to you too...I'm guessing I did about 3/4 cup of the other fruits I put in...but wait..ok..what you do...drain the juice from the pineapple and mix the juice and the pudding mix together..that is your sauce...then toss your fruits together..the pineapple chunks, I did blueberries, white peaches, bing cherries (pitted), and strawberries. You don't HAVE to put it over cake. You can eat it in a bowl. You can eat it on a roll. You can eat it here or there. You can eat it anywhere. ps. the first time I had this, it had bananas in it, and it was gooooood..I just didn't have any on hand.....I think that mandarin oranges would be good in this too. :)


When it comes to food pics, I generally just get lucky with the camera because I have no photo skills, lol!
Love your rhyme!!!!!