Overnight Oats

Just like with the Green Monster, I'm the last one to jump on this band-wagon too! But Whoa! New love! Well..old love rekindled? Let's see.. I LOVE oatmeal. Instant, old fashioned, all of the above. I do NOT love-cooking oatmeal. In fact I hate it. I never leave myself enough time in the morning to make it..so now with this little trick..I'll be eating my oats ALOT more often! 1/2 cup old fashioned oats 1/2 cup milk 1/4 cup yogurt Mix it up and put it in the fridge. Then sometime in the night, while you are asleep the Oatmeal Fairy shows up and is able to open your fridge w/out the light coming on, and she climbs in there and does all the work of cooking them, and the clean up, then she wipes her little brow and flies away. In the morning you are left with some seriously creamy oats that taste great! What? You don't think there is an Oatmeal Fairy? I used Little Lady's 1% chocky nilk (that's 2 year old for chocolate milk), and some Boston Cream Pie yogurt. Topped it off this morning with some dark chocolate almonds that I ran through the mini chopper, a palmful of Fiber One and a drizzle of honey. Paired that with a toasted Sandwich Thin and my hot coffee. Yum. I'm totally satisfied! So what's up for this weekend? No sure yet really...today will be laundry..for real this time..and cleaning...say it with me..FOR REAL THIS TIME. Little Man is sleeping and Little Lady is happily watching PBS. On the food front I've got mushrooms I need to use up and some puff pastry. Oh..and I also had an idea last night for some pierogies....so we'll see if any of THAT gets done! Tomorrow we might hit up the zoo if Husband is able to scoot out of work early, and Sunday will be filled to the brim with the Fathers! Are there any other band wagons I'm missing as far as "healthy" food goes?? Have you tried Overnight Oats? If so..what are your favorite mix ins?


I keep meaning to try overnight oats but I haven't yet! I'll have to do it soon! :)
You're not the last, I haven't tried overnight oats yet!
I thought I was the last person on the quinoa train, have you tried quinoa?
Anonymous said…
I just happened upon your blog. Love your interesting recipes.