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This was another dinner of "what's in the fridge/freezer, no I haven't gone to the grocery yet, so let's pilage the pantry". Or WITFFNIHGTTGYSLPTP. But trash can dinner sounds gross. I kinda like pilage the pantry though..maybe I'll go with that? Aaaannnnyyyway... Puff pastry, mushrooms, onions, cottage cheese, pork and beans, and cheese. Yes..pork and beans is on the list. I'm on a fiber kick, and we already know I like beans. So I take cans of beans, in this case it was pork and beans...I pick the little weird piece of meat out and rinse the beans, then use them in various stuff. this is how I put this together- Puff pastry-one 'hunk' out of the two hunk package (there was actually only ONE left anyway). I thawed it and unfolded it and baked it about 1/2 way done. Took 2/3 cup of cottage cheese and ran it through the mini chopper to make it more ricotta consistency. Added some parm (out of a bottle), some lemon zest, and some italian seasoning-slathered that on the 1/2 done puff. Topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions (that were almost to a carmelized point), and 1/2 of can of my beans. Oh..and some mozz. Baked it for about 20. time I'll totally bake the puff and just broil to melt the cheese. It would have made a great party appetizer if I/we were party people. I don't esp think it's a bad thing that I'm very fridge creative, it just doesn't always turn out delicious. As much as I love going to the grocery story, I avoid it. Basically b/c I know that I LOVE to grocery shop. Like Carrie on Sex and the City loves shoes. Seriously. I know that basically everything in the grocery store will make me feel better b/c food is my drug of choice. But I'm trying to clean out the freezers (yes, plural) a bit. Last night the Husband got a little miffy b/c I didn't fix a 'formal' dinner (*gasp* you mean I'm NOT Donna Reed???). I made bacon. That was it. He got home later than normal, I'd worked my normal 8-5 and the kids always have rough Mondays b/c they go from having Mom (me) from Thursday-Sunday, to having my Mom watch them. So the infant is always fussy on Mondays, the toddler is good for my Mom then freaks out with excitement when I get home, so Monday dinners aren't always an easy deal. With the bacon..I had a BLS. Multi-grain sandwich thin, mayo, lettuce, bacon, and salsa (I didn't have tomatoes-but the salsa thing REALLY worked!)-I also ate the rest of the cheesy corn from Smokehouse BBQ. It's probably better that I NEVER know the recipe b/c that stuff is sooooooo good. Today I had a couple cups of coffee for breakfast, and a whole wheat english muffin w/ a little butter. Lunch is in the work fridge and it's a salad with a little cheese, and some quinoa (new obsession), w/rinsed chili beans, and salsa. more thing. I'm gonna start going to the gym..soon. I had this block in my head that was saying "No, don't go to the gym, that's more time away from the babies". And yes it is. And yes, I feel sad about that. But right now. I don't like myself. At all. I literally shudder when I look at myself in the mirror. My self esteem is rock bottom. My weight is at an all time high (yes, I know I just had a baby 3mo ago, but that isn't a good enough excuse for me). So I'm changing my way of thinking b/c I know that if I go to the gym/lose weight/feel better-I'll be a happier Mama, and THAT is what my babies deserve. So stay tuned for gym horror stories..oh..and more food and randomness from me.


We have 2 freezers too :-)

My husband would be THRILLED if I made just bacon! I love any form of BLT / BLS / BBB (that's bacon, bacon, bacon) haha!
Jessica said…
Haha! Love the name of this post! Too funny!