Italian, I guess...

1-Don't judge me that we eat on styrofoam. 2-Sorry I don't have a 'real' title... This 'stuff' was good. Alot of cooking I do is very last second. When you are chasing a toddler around, working part time, AND have an infant...exhaustion is the word. But since I've got this stupid desire to be all Donna Reed and have a nice dinner prepared for my Husband nightly..even when I'm the walking dead, I usually pull out something good. And this was good. In it: Sweet Italian Turkey sausage (our new obsession is Turkey sausage!) sliced cremini mushrooms (1/2 a package) sliced onion (1 full) 2 handfulls of baby spinach 1 medium zucchini sliced some olive oil a large can of crushed tomato bag of tri color cheese tortellini (from the freezer section) salt, pepper, granulated garlic, a little sugar, and some italian seasoning. parmesean cheese for garnish and goodness Order in the big saute pan? oil->onions->sausage->mushrooms/zuccs then spinach and wilt that down (meanwhile boil your tortellini) add can of tomatoes and seasonings once tortellini are done (2-3 minutes b/c I bought the precooked kind) toss in the pan with the 'sauce' Plate up and grate some cheese over it! This made a HUGE amount for us...we both (Husband and myself) took it to work the next day AND had ANOTHER bowl as well! A note on Turkey sausage..again..our new obsession. A few years ago I tried my hand at a turkey meatloaf and it was T-errible. Yes, capital T terrible. So Husband has nixed any aspiration of turkey again..unless it's the deli kind or the roasted kind on holidays. But I snuck two packs of the sausages into the cart and didn't look back. The first pack was a Roasted poblano turkey sausage..I took it out of the casing and browned it up with a little (and I do mean little) taco seasoning and we had soft tacos...SO good! I think what we're loving about the turkey is we don't get that heavy feeling, that greasy pull down after we eat it. We'll be stocking up the freezer! Last night's dinner was really good too..but my camera battery was dead so no picture...but it was chicken sandwiches...boring right? Nooooo. VERY good. I seasoned chicken breast tenders with granulated garlic and black pepper and browned them in a pan with a little olive oil and once they cooked I cut them up. Some 'homemade' ranch-HV powder, buttermilk, mayo, some lemon zest and juice. Cremini mushrooms that I cooked in butter..I actually let them go a little bit over and they were a little crispy (heaven!). Sliced onions, sliced tomatoes..all piled up on a whole wheat hamburger bun. I could eat another right now...for breakfast. Alright...on to tackle the day...I've got three bags of clementines that are quickly approaching 'past' their prime that I'm gonna peel and juice, tons of laundry and housework..oh and a brisket in the oven! I've never cooked brisket and it's one of my all time favorite things. I'm crossing my fingers that it turns out good! I'll let you know!


Ivy said…
I have the highest respect for you! I don't know how you do it, but keep doing it.

You are an awesome wife and mother.

This looks awesome as well as your mustard-chicken and rice.
My current obsession is chicken sausage. I think about it and crave it all day long!
I have a huge bag of tortellini in my freezer and I've been trying to figure out something new and different to do with them, your recipes looks great!
grace said…
i haven't tried turkey sausage, but chicken sausage is something i really enjoy and i'd imagine that they're similar. and of course i would never judge a person for eating on styrofoam plates--i've been known to simply eat my entire meal straight from the pot whilst standing over the oven. :)