I strive for balance...

strive..but don't always accomplish..I think that is alot of my fatty problem! See this?- Ohsheglows turned me onto banana soft serve...so good. A frozen banana, a handful of pitted bing cherries and a very small splash of vanilla into my food pro until smooth...delicious, nutritious, creamy, dreamy, Yum.
But then I find websites like Big Red Kitchen....holy..if you haven't been there, go there, book mark it and TRY, just TRY not to make everything. It's all easy, and so far it's all so good...the above 'pie' is a BRK as are the sliders below!
Not only were the pie and sliders AWESOME, they are super simple..which is just what I like!
Cookie Dough pie
package of Chips Ahoy
container of Cool Whip
1 cup milk and 1 cup coffee together
Get a pie pan-do a 3 second dunk on a cookie, shake off the excess, put in the pie pan. Line the pan with the dunked cookies. Break off pieces and squish to fit. Then put on a layer of Cool Whip. Then do another layer of dunked cookies and then top with Cool Whip. Pop into the freezer.
I took this to work on Wednesday and my Boss had two pieces for breakfast, then a piece for lunch. He LOVED it!
Another on the easy peasy train...the Psuedo-White Castle sliders. They really DO taste White Castle-y, White Castle-sque. Seriously good. :)
2lbs of 80/20 ground beef/chuck
dried minced onions (I used a 12.5 oz little container)
seasoning salt
6-7 slices of American cheese
package of dinner rolls/potato rolls
Oven at 400-
Take a 9x13 baking pan and dump the dried minced onions in the bottom. Then pat the meat on top of it. Yes, this will make a weird big rectagular patty. Top that with some seasoning salt (however much you'd like) and put in the oven for 25 minutes. Pull out and blot. No..I mean BLOT. The 80/20 has alot of um...juice (Read-grease) that needs to be sopped up, so have the paper towels ready. The 'juice' also is really good at rehydrating the onions so it gives it the good WC flava! Top with cheese slices and put back in the oven for 5-10. Take out and slice into little squares (to however many dinner rolls you have) this technically should get you about 24 sliders.
I toasted my buns with a little butter on a hot griddle then made the sliders.
Wow...yum...they go down a little TOO easily b/c I ate three before I knew it...then I walked away. I had to walk away or I could have eaten three more, right then, without even breathing!
So there you go..that's my ratio..1 healthy to 2 NOT healthy. :)
Tonight my BEST friend is coming for dinner, so I'm gonna try to go all out with the good food, and SHE's in charge of the White Russians! Yum!
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend you guys!


Kristina P. said…
Oh, no! What are you doing to me here? I need something sugary. Can you bring me that pie?